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Loot Crate: Survive

Posted: October 27, 2013 by Noccie in Life in a Box, Noccie
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GGC Legos Suvival Loot Crate 077

YAY! The new Loot Crate arrived. This week’s theme is Survival. By survival, they mean surviving the zombie apocalypse. I was excited to see what they gave us to help survive the apocalypse. Here is their guide. They have a list of their favorite 5 zombie movies. I haven’t seen the last one, Zombie Girl. I think I need to check that out.

GGC Legos Suvival Loot Crate 078GGC Legos Suvival Loot Crate 079


Opening the box they provided clothing.




GGC Legos Suvival Loot Crate 081


I dislike Ewoks. They are cute, sure… but they ruin a really solid Star Wars movie. Return of the Jedi would have been so awesome with Wookies instead. ┬áThe shirt is a 2x but looks HUGE. Will be a comfy, rainy day shirt. With the shirt was a coupon for money off from Graphic Lab, the company that made this awesome shirt.

GGC Legos Suvival Loot Crate 082

Next were pins, a gummy spider and temporary tattoos. The tattoos are a zombie bite and a not infected bar code.

GGC Legos Suvival Loot Crate 084

They gave us a zombie hunting license. This is absolutely necessary for keeping yourself safe and right.

GGC Legos Suvival Loot Crate 085

Did you see the movie about a Zombie that falls in love with a human?

GGC Legos Suvival Loot Crate 086 GGC Legos Suvival Loot Crate 087

Finally, the last treasure is a guide to survival, the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. A great book to have when it all goes down. Excited for next months box!