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Kane and I are in a band called Post Rapture Party. It’s been keeping us pretty busy this past year, so busy we haven’t blogged much. Our band is very important to not just our selves but our fellow band mates, Spooky and Ashe. The first Post Rapture Party CD is almost done and should be out next month. The CD is a great accomplishment that’s taken a lot of work from our band mates, producer, our artist friend Raph and our fans. One of the things I love about our music is how it touches such a large variety of fans. Now, we may never be famous, but I hope that people can listen to our music and enjoy it. That’s why I am bringing it up in a blog today.

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VIPS: Very important people in my life. Right to Left: Ashe, Spooky, Noccie (me), Kane. Photo by Neil Jordan of Shadows Will Fall Photography


Our music crosses over easily into the geeky realm because about half of our songs were inspired by geeky subject matter. We have songs that are about life like Aurora, which is a suicide note. I was thinking about the Aurora Bridge, which is the saddest bridge in Seattle. They had to put up a fence to keep people from jumping. It always breaks my heart because it’s so beautiful up there. My mind reels at how you can end it all while staring so much beauty in the face. So, I tried to put myself in that place. Other songs were inspired by movies, television shows or video games. At first, we were just writing to get practice together. In the past few years though, I’ve had good fortune to write songs about some pieces of geekdom that are near and dear to me. We aren’t explicitly a geek band or nerd core but it doesn’t stop us from writing with our hearts. Although, that was part of what made the past year so difficult. We had a member leave and part of that was because he wanted songs to be about real things.

Why does there have to be a separation about my emotions over Wash and my feelings over heart break in real life? Those emotions are the same emotions. One does effect me directly but at the same time… “I am a leaf on the wind.” (::sobbing softly::)


Let’s talk less about that and more about how we are some of the nerdier people you know, without having it branded on our CD. (Although… that might be awesome.) We have been together four years at the end of May and during that time we’ve written songs about documentaries, horror movies, vampires, Firefly and a video game. Post Rapture Party is not the first band to write songs about pop culture and we won’t be the last. Part of how this happens is our writing process.

As the singer, I write most of the lyrics. The guys don’t know until it’s too late what I’m actually saying because of the unusual way we write our songs. Our method starts with pure collaboration though jamming. One of the band starts off playing and I don’t sing without listening to what they are playing. As I listen, things will flash into my mind. Occasionally it’s Serenity and how Wash wanted children or Mal alone in the cockpit with River. Other times current events like right after the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown we wrote a song I call Ashes. There is no specific reason the songs are written but something plays on our hearts and we run. Energy fills the room when the song is right. Everyone in the band gets involved and we start talking about arrangement and composition till we’re happy. We can write a song in two to three sessions usually.

Our second album is currently in the works and we have three songs so far. Out of those songs is Miranda. (Listen to the song while you read.) That is why I keep bringing up Firefly. The song describes the internal struggle Mal must feel about keeping his crew alive. I’ve always thought he feels like he has to make up for losing so many during the battle of Serenity Valley. Mal is as loyal to his crew as they are to their captain. We’ve performed the song a few times and even when people don’t realize it’s named after the planet that Reavers came from, they love the feelings behind the words and music. You don’t have to be a fan of Firefly to enjoy the song, but if you are there is a different level of engagement. The most obvious references in the song are in the chorus, “If you go to the edge of the universe, you lose your mind.”  The line comes from a conversation the crew is having about the origins of Reavers. Someone says they heard they are people who went insane from seeing the edge of the universe and Jayne says, “I’ve seen the edge of the universe.” There’s a hilarious moment there where everyone is giving him accusatory glances. One of the verses comes from the fact that Mal is an atheist of sorts and they make mention that believers are the really dangerous ones. The lyric is, “It’s hard to believe in anything with so many believers around you. The kind that have something to hold onto.”  Here’s a link to that live performance of Miranda again.


On our first album, out in May 2015, we have a song called Dust Devil. The song is named after the movie Dust Devil. This horror movie was written and directed by Richard Stanley, the brilliant mind behind the videos for Fields of the Nephilim. If you haven’t seen it, take the time to find a copy. He’s not just a serial killer, he’s much worse doesn’t even begin describe it. Wendy Robinson is being pursued by the Dust Devil because she no longer wants the spark of life she’s been given. The demon has sensed her willingness to cross over but she changes her mind. The winds of the desert stoke the fires as Wendy fights for her soul and the Dust Devil fights for his immortality.

Dust Devil is a cult classic worthy of hunting down.



Let it Go was written very early in our band’s history and is the fourth song we wrote. That was around 2011, WAY before Frozen. Let it Go was inspired by the video game Flower by Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark. You play as the wind in the game. As the wind collects flower petals you affect the environment by rebuilding a fallen city. Our song is the same, you should feel the wind blowing across a land without people. We want you to imagine standing where you are right now but after the fall of humanity. There is nothing but grass beneath your feet because the world has reclaimed the land.

Welcome Home, also on our first CD, was inspired by a documentary called Cropsey. On Staten Island, New York, there is an urban legend about a man that will come and take you in the night. Mothers used it as a way to make their children go to bed when it got dark. No one knew that a real man was making the urban legend true. Andre Rand was the truth behind the legend. This insane killer snatched mentally disabled and autistic children from the streets and killed them. He had been a janitor at Willowbrook State School which was an institution for the mentally infirm. Willowbrook was made famous by Geraldo Rivera when he exposed the patient abuses going on at the facility. Really, this was just a place for people to lock away their autistic or mentally disturbed relatives. The facility was over populated with patients and didn’t have enough resources or staff to keep the facility in good running order. When Geraldo went into the facility, he just walked in and found patients soiled and in some cases alone in dark bathrooms with no lighting. It was horrible. The facility was shut down and when people didn’t come for the last patients they were put out on the streets with nowhere to go. Some of the patients lived at the abandoned facility years later after it was forgotten.  Welcome Home is written from the perspective of a patient returning to the facility and confronting their ghosts.

I hope you enjoy this insight behind my band, Post Rapture Party. Keep an eye out for more songs. We have one we need to get back to inspired by Blade Runner. Keep an eye out!

Our next show is May 28th at the Rendezvous, Seattle. Here is a link for tickets!

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