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wpid-screenshot_2015-07-18-10-12-16.pngNever before have I wanted, of my own free will, to do in-game purchases.  Yeah, you heard me right.

Alphabear is a cellphone game that is based on a boggle style game mechanic. You are given letters and you get points for spelling different words. They have added some Scrabble-esque features like point values per letter, but made it their own. They have also added a power up/ RPG style feature where your party of bears grow and gain more bonuses from experience points.


The mechanics they have added make the game really fun and challenging. Over time the point value of an unused letter diminishes until the tile turns to stone. Stone letters impede you’re progress. In each chapter there are bear characters that you can collect to help you through levels. They each have unique powers. Some give you end score bonuses for specific letters or word length. Other bears help you with timed puzzles or keep letters from turning to stone for longer time. The more you play, the stronger your chosen bears get. They earn levels and their score bonus will increase and make it easier to make either goal.


Every day there is a big puzzle and a basic puzzle. The basic puzzle is usually timed. After you beat the two puzzles there are boss puzzles to progress from chapter to chapter. Two days after I started playing they added a feature that allows you to move from chapter to chapter. I’m so happy!


One of the cuter aspects is the bears grown on-screen as you play, moving the board along to reveal different letters. You spell a word and they grow out of the one of the letters. As you use the letters around them, they grow bigger, longer and wider. At the end of a puzzle, a bear uses some of the words you spelled to fill in a mad libs style saying. You can share these to social media or just move on. I love them. I will sometimes use the remix button on the bottom left to find one that is really funny and post it to my Facebook.

Remember the in-game purchases I mentioned? There are two kinds honey and coins. Honey allow you to play the different daily puzzles. Coins buy you into the treasure events. The honey regenerates over time. Coins you gain by playing puzzles. You can unlock endless honey for $4.99. You can not get endless coins but you can purchase coins if you are having trouble earning them through the game. You can use money, honey or watching a video to earn more. Buying the endless honey is the same as just purchasing this well made and adorable game. Honestly, you can make as much coin as you want if you have endless honey. If you’re being impatient though, or you need coin fast they have given you the choice.

How do you win?  They give you two goals at the start of a level. Using the letter value, bears score multipliers and BIG WORDS you try to make one of the two goals. At the end of a game the bears that grew on your board add to the final score.


The final score is a combination of all the points. You gain coins from playing each level. It can be as little as 5 or as much as 50 from what I’ve seen. As a bonus they take a few of your words, thrown then in a mad libs style generator and create a hilarious photo you can upload to social media.

wpid-screenshot_2015-07-18-10-24-26.pngAlphabear 18

Spry Fox is the company behind this adorable game. I found out it’s only been available for two weeks. Their other games include Triple Town and Road Not Taken. All their games feature the signature art style of blocky bears. There is an older word game called Panda Poet which is more like Word Crack or Words With Friends, than Alphabears. Panda Poet you play against a computer or an online opponent. They have three days to spell a word. Triple Town you are building a town and have to protect it from the bears. Road Not Taken is a completely different style of game. It’s an adventure game where you rescue children lost in the woods. They still have bears though and foxes!

They go to PAX every year. I’m really surprised I’ve never run into their games before now. I’m going to keep my eyes open from now on. They have a cool looking dragon game called Free Range Dragons that they showed off at PAX. They used their testers at the con to improve the game on the fly too. That’s an innovative use of a focus group that doesn’t know they are a focus group!

I recommend this game. I NEED ALL THE BEARS!


My Little InfernoTitle

My Little Inferno is brought to you by the people that designed World of Goo. So you know you are in for a few things, aazing music; interesting game mechanics and lots of unlockables. I played the whole game in about 6 hours. Once I started playing, I just couldn’t stop. What is My Little Inferno?


Tomorrow Coporation has unveiled it’s new toy, the My Little Inferno fire place. You buy stuff from their cataloges and burn it in the fire. Different items change the fire. Some things make it colorful, some have special effects. Either way you find yourself transfixed.

The game is a bit tongue in cheek.  You throw everything in the fire from bugs, credit cards, buses full of kids, robots, planets and anything you can imagine. As you play through the game you unlock the various catalogues of iteams. By combining different items you unlock combinations. Inbetween unlocking things you get letters. Some of the letters come from your neighbor, Sugar Plumps and others come from the head of Tomorrow Corporation, Miss Nancy. This is how the game takes on a narritive. You also receive weather forcasts from the weather man in the weather balloon. They use the Weatherman as a way of giving you information about the world above the smoke stack.

The game is a clever way to discuss people that get lost in their games. They loose site of what really matters, people and enjoying life. Instead you sit transfixed burning money. Why? Sugar Plumps does this and eventually her house catches fire. Did that teach you not to blow up the sun? NO! I, spend a good 6 hours playing this game in one day. I did the very thing the character in the game was doing. I spent a day burning things.

Someone Elses Family

Anyone who knows better, wants you to leave your house and see the sun. The Weather Man, Sugar Plumps and even Miss Nancy are all planning on going to the beach. What were they really trying to say about the people that bought the game?

Either way, I enjoyed the game and the story. I wanted to find out what happened at the end. They have 99 known combos and a few others. The combos range from obvious to making no sense. The one I thought was dumbest was the Yellow Brick Road combo. I would play it again and I would buy other games from this company. I loved World of Goo afterall.

Right now, the game is on sale with Steam. Take my MONEY! Oh wait, you did. Now all I can see is my house burning down around me as I sit infront of the false glow of an inferno of my own making! Maybe the game was a statement about the season Steam sales?


Pacific Rim : the video game?

Posted: December 1, 2013 by Kane Blaireau in Kane, Video Games
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I am unabashedly a fan of Pacific Rim. Yes, it is basically a live action anime. Yes, its over the top action. The characters, however, fit in that setting and reveled in it without becoming just caricatures with zero humanity. Their was no romantic sub-plot shoehorned into the action. It was it is. Giant robots vs giant monsters with some fun character moments in between the action.

To say I’m surprised I heard nothing of the video game is putting it mildly. I was browsing the PS3 demo section and saw that and thought I read wrong. Pacific Rim. Video game. Downloadable only. Fighting game…? OK. That makes sense. So far so good. Lets download and install the demo. No harm in that right?

The first thing I notice is the launch screen. Yukes. That is a good start! They have made some decent WWE video games. Intro is all still screens with text. No voices to be heard anywhere. VERY low budget, obviously. No access to the campaign. Local multiplayer only for the demo. Par for the course.

Alright, lets fight! Oh, they include a tutorial? How nice. OK…not too difficult. Left attack, right attack, power attack. Hold any of those for a stronger version. Block, alternate attack…all the usual suspects. 2D fighter it would seem, but on a lateral plane. You can move any direction on the ground. No jumping, but that is accurate to the movie.

I played two matches. One as Gipsy Danger (vs. Knifehead) and one as Knifehead (vs. Gipsy Danger). The movement is slow and lumbering, but I expected that. These are MASSIVE beasties and they do have some weight to them. Combat is fairly simplistic, but also tactical due to the deliberate speed. I’ve DEFINITELY played worse fighting games.

For $10, its actually not bad if you are a fan of the movie. Problem is, I’m not sure how much content their is in the base pack. Their appears to have been several characters added on for about $3 each, but its not entirely clear which ones. Then their is the fact that you can buy weapon add-ons and power-ups. Doesn’t look like they can be used in local multiplayer…but what about online? Is it pay to win? That isn’t entirely clear anywhere I look which makes me think that it is. Still, if you are just looking for a simple, fun game and are a BIG fan of the movie, I’d say its worth the $10 for the base game. Even if you ignore the singe player campaign (which I’m seeing in most reviews is pretty boring), the multiplayer is fun enough for a few laughs. Could be a great party game.

That said, it looks like to unlock EVERYTHING, you are looking at nearly $50 and that I can NOT get behind. Caveat emptor.

Deadly Premonition

Posted: November 30, 2013 by Noccie in Video Games
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Hey… Deadly Premonition is on sale on steam right now.  Perfect time to buy it!

14.99 for the directors cut! It’s on sale till December 3rd.


On a whim I bought a game called Reach For the Sun through Steam.  The game was developed by Filament Games. They make entertaining and education games. The game teaches you about the life cycle of plants and how the different parts work together. I love this game, I was sucked in even though I know it’s aimed more towards kids.


You play through a tutorial level growing a sunflower plant.  The game explains that the roots grow to gather nutrients and water. The leaves take the nutrients and water and covert it to carbohydrates, to feed the plant. The plant uses the food to grow and produce flowers. The flowers then produce seeds and the cycle begins again. 

I played through all the different plants, Sunflower, Lilac, Toad Lily and Squash. The different plants have different difficulties. You collect the seeds to unlock the other plants and upgrades. The upgrades include a praying mantis, watering can, fertilizer and mulch.

While playing you have to take care of you plant. It can be attached by pests, experience disease and have frost bite. You have to care for the plants to keep them healthy and to produce the most seeds possible. There is a timer as well, you only have till the end of November.

This game was fun, relaxing and the music reminded me of Flower. Check it out. Fun for you and the kids!

Now I need more of their games.