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LEGO Turtle Lair Attack

Posted: January 11, 2014 by Kane Blaireau in Kane, Legos
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We are in the midst of a massive LEGO collecting spree. In that theme, as Noccie mentioned, we ventured to Wal Mart and found nothing of value except the LEGO Ninja Turtles sets. Here is a look at the Turtle Lair Attack!

TMNT Lair 1


The part I call “Splinters Grotto”.

Pictured is the “left” side of the set as well as the skateboard ramp and ninja-launcher. Nice build with a great tree and slime drips. The Shredder dummy is a nice touch and turns with a little gear on the front.

TMNT Lair 2

The “tall part”. Yeah, I got nothin.

Lots of neat little sciency doo-dads on this part.  A TV with uh…color coded seats? OK, sure. Why not. Bottom level has a chalkboard with a blow away wall that pulls off with a little dial on the back. Nice little feature! Middle level has a pizza oven that flicks the pizza out. Gimmicky but…its TMNT. Had to have pizza somewhere. To the right of the oven is a skateboard rack. Problem is, the clips are actually TOO BIG for the boards to clip to! Its completely useless, unfortunately, despite being a good idea. Their is a ladder going up to the surface right NEXT TO the opening manhole street section. VERY strange choice of assembly there. The little street vignette is not bad. A fire hydrant, a graffitied wall and a lamp post. Could use a bit more wall to sell it being the surface, but good effect with the layers going down to the  sewer proper.

TMNT Lair 3

The sewer.

Overall, a nice set with lots of nice little touches. The turtles themselves are great. Splinter looks amazing. The evil ninjas are sufficiently ninja-y. Plenty of extra weapons and accessories. A few odd design choices put this in my “get it if its on sale or nothing else is striking your fancy” pile. Worth it for the little characterful touches and the minifigs.


Fat Loot!

Posted: October 10, 2013 by Noccie in Interwebs, Life in a Box, Noccie
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Kane bought me a subscription to Loot Crate for my birthday. It was so sweet of him because he knew I could never rationalize getting this subscription for myself. What is Loot Crate?

Loot Crate is a subscription box. Every month for $13.37 plus shipping ($6.00), you receive a box of nerdy things. Usually there is a t-shirt included by my first box instead had something else epic. They pick a theme and then try and get the best nerdy stuff to put into the box.

We heard about this at PAX. We went to a panel about making your nerd passion into your nerd living. It was a really interesting panel that gave me a number of ideas but also made me a little CRAZY about Loot Crate.

People love Loot Crate so much that they take videos of themselves opening their boxes. They also take pictures, tweet, Tumblr, Flickr and every social media thing you can image about their Loot Crates.

Here is my very first Loot Crate.

Blog 10 06 13 422

Opening the box, they have instructions about how to experience your box.

Blog 10 06 13 423

Blog 10 06 13 424

They included a really awesome book talking about each item. I love it because of the Turtles. This theme was cartoons. Kane and I had a chance to meet Kevin Eastman at PAX this year. The fact that there was TMNT in the box made me incredibly satisfied with my life. In 1989 my Dad took me to see the TMNT movie in Bennington, Vermont. It sticks out in my mind because we were living in Hoosick Falls, NY at the time. Hoosick Falls is a small town and their main theater was a drive in. The theater in Bennington gave my Dad his change in silver dollars. He gave me the change and I still have that Silver Dollar in my coin collection. Raphael was my favorite turtle and Kevin Eastman said that Raph was his as well. J   SQUEE!

Blog 10 06 13 431

The first thing I saw after moving the book was a Pop Vinyl figure of Leonardo. I love him. I haven’t taken him out of his box. He’s going to stay in the box for now.

Blog 10 06 13 428

Second thing I saw was REN! Ren screams when you squeeze him and he has googley eyes. The tag says talking but… mostly he screams. He is super soft. I always expected Ren to be more rough and bristly. My friends used to come over on Saturday in highschool. We would crowd around the tv and watch Nicktoons and Cartoon Network all night. We all loved Ren and Stimpy. To this day I can still sing the Royal Canadian Yak song, Log and Don’t Wiz on the Electric fence.

Blog 10 06 13 427

Then there was a box with the Simpson’s logo on it. I was excited. I love key chains. Right now, I am sporting a Billy Idol key chain from his HAPPY BIRTHDAY concert in Seattle. It was amazing. Back to the Simpson’s. The box had a Groundskeeper Willy key chain included. I adore him. His character is so weird.

Blog 10 06 13 434

There was lip-gloss in the box. What the deuce? Sadly, this is the one item I can’t use. I have a cinnamon allergy. This is cinnamon lip-gloss, so I gave it to my husband. He hasn’t opened it yet.

Blog 10 06 13 426

In the bottom there were two stickers and sweet magnet. The stickers are the weird Pikachu and the DBZ reference. The magnet is awesome though. Whoever thought of Turtl-izing storm troopers in an Andy Warhol tribute is brilliant.

That’s it. That is my first Loot Crate. I love it and can’t wait for next month. They have assured everyone that next month there is a t-shirt. The next theme is ZOMBIES!