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“No body leaves this place wit’out singin’ da blues.” – Albert Collins

AIBS Singing da blues

Thor wasn’t always fighting the evil that men do. Once upon a time he went by the name Dawson and he fixed cars.

Not all geek movies were obviously aimed at our particular audience in the 1980’s. They often tried to carry a group of teenagers that would reflect a spectrum of social groups and appeal to a wide audience. Adventures in Babysitting is a teeny bopper, action adventure, comedy. There is an underlying nerdy streak to this movie and it was really one of the first movies to have a blatantly nerdy GIRL. Maybe it was before it’s time or maybe it was a sign that things were changing in society.

What’s Adventures in Babysitting about?

AIBS Poster

Chris is supposed to be on the date of dreams but her boyfriend cancels at the last-minute. Having nothing better to do, a babysitting job pops up and she decides to take it because she needs the distraction. Meanwhile her friend Brenda gets stranded at the bus terminal in the city with no money and a cast of scary characters threatening her safety. Begging for her life, Brenda convinces Chris to drive into the city, with Sara and her brother to pick her up. Just as they are about to leave, everything starts to go wrong when Brad’s douchey friend Darryl black mails his way into joining the trip. A series of missteps leads them on an improbable adventure and through life-or-death situations.

The cast meets interesting characters along the way such as The Hook Handed Man; The Car Thief; The Blues Man; Inner City Gangs and even Thor.

Why do I love this movie? Sara.

AIBS Group

Sara is a little girl who is obsessed with comics and especially Thor. She wears a Thor helmet, a red cape and carries a plastic Mjolnir. Her devotion to the character is unflappable. Even when she comes face to face with the cranky Dawson, at Dawson’s garage she bows to him. Tapping her hammer on the groundshe greets him as a God. Her zeal wins over Dawson and his goodside comes out when Sara offers him her Thor helmet. She is convinced that because he doesn’t have his helmet, he’s not acting like himself. That melts the heart of the super cranky, muscle bound Thor look-a-like.


Sara was so relatable when I was a kid. I was into comics. I was into dressing up and being weird. Branded a tom boy, no one really understood that instead of Barbie, I wanted to read the Outsiders and Amethyst Princess of Gem World. (Seriously bad ass comic btw.) I had friends that were into elves and fantasy but they were more of the Anne McCaffrey vein. We would sometimes play pretend. There was always an elf, a dragon born and me, A NINJA! This character, Sara,  wasn’t truely outrageous, wasn’t wearing thigh high boots and wasn’t wearing a liatard. I could related to this little girl, about my age, being super excited about nerdy things.

Other things I love about this movie include singing the blues. That scene always stuck with me. Part of that is because my Mother loves to quote it, often. Recently, I had her over to hang out with her and my Dad. We wound up watching it because she went through my Netflix. It was in my recently watched catagory.

The Lords of Hell, scene on the train is like watching the dialogue after a Michael Jackson video between the two gangs.

The Doctor in the hospital. This was a social statement. He was overworked, nonplussed, and clearly taking some of his own meds.

Secret geek moment, Chris’ scarf reminds me of Dr. Who. It’s not exactly Tom Baker worthy but reallyclose.

Adventures in Babysitting is in my “infinately rewatchable” catagory. Other movies include, Ghostbusters; Shaun of the Dead; HotFuzz and Galaxy Quest. I love this movie and own it on DVD. It’s currently on Netflix. Enjoy.

AIBS Promo


Secret bonus… this scene reminds me of Jellyfish Princess. They did release this movie in Japan. Maybe it had an influence on the manga author.

AIBS ThenHeKissedME

Chris singing “And Then He Kissed Me.”

Zukimi as a Princess

Zukimi as a Princess



Growing up I never noticed how geeky my Mother was. Yes, she loves chemistry. Yes, she worked at the library. Yes, she introduced me to Edward Gorey  but I discounted all of that. This Thanksgiving was an eye opener for some reason. I had a moment where suddenly I saw my Mother in a different light.

My Mother loves the Avengers.

The Avengers

The Avengers

My parent brought two movies with them to Thanksgiving, The Big Sleep and Thor. Even though I suggested Moonrise Kingdom, we wound up watching Thor. They had just seen Thor:The Dark World and we had been discussing how unlikable Jane was in the new movie. It was like day and night for them as well. Her character wasn’t very interesting in the new movie. See my post about Thor: The Dark World

I was in the kitchen making latke’s and working on dinner. While I was cooking they were watching Thor and my Mother was REALLY INTO IT. She was not watching it just for the rock hard abs on all the men but for the Shakespearian acting that was crafted into the first Thor movie. Also, part of the reason I was disappointed in The Dark World. I thought it was going to be like the Ring Cycle but it had some elements and then fell flat for the rest. Sorry, I digress.

My adorable parents

My adorable parents

I should have seen the signs. My Mother loves Big Bang Theory and St. Trinnian’s. She’s a huge geek and raised two comic book geeks without blinking an eye!

After Thor we threw out a bunch of different movies but my Mom wanted to watch… wait for it!

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger

They had watched the Avengers movies and Iron Man. Even my Mother says the second Iron Man movie isn’t very good and you lose nothing by not watching it. She LOVED the Captain America Movie. Both my parents did and they had the same gripe I did… there wasn’t enough fighting NAZI’s!

I realized that I love my Mom but I wasn’t really seeing her for what she really is… she’s not just my Mother. She’s the Mother of all Geeks. She’s the Mother of ME and I am super geeky because of her and her love. Maybe I couldn’t see it because I am more into DC comics and indie comics. Maybe I was in denial… ah whatever. She loves Marvel! I’m so happy I can share my geekdom with her.

Thank’s Mom. xoxo

I’m still trying to get her to come to the Hobbit this weekend but when Captain America 2 comes out… I’m taking her with me.

Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World

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Thor: The Dark World is a well made, fast paced action movie that takes comic book movies to the next level. The plot is complicated and has depth at more than one level. Their are multiple story lines that converge and re-emerge later with only partial resolution alluding to a sequel. There are cameos of characters from the franchise of Marvel movies and also an all star cast of background characters played by well known actors and actresses. Just about everything you want is in this film.

The Plot so far…  After the last Avengers movie Thor went home. He hasn’t seen his girlfriend, Jane Foster, in two years. A convergence of the 9 realms has begun awaking riffs between the different worlds. An emeny from far in the past has come back to take advantage of the convergence. This danger will bring him back together with friends, foes and Jane Foster.

Spoilers Below:



Does it look like rain?






Thor starts with an epic battle on one of the 9 realms. Sif is leading the battle, and WINNING when Thor shows up and puts an end to the whole thing. He uses his hammer and puts it through the head of a rock giant. The enemy army gives up after seeing that. You learn that he’s been setting the realms back to peace by ending war and pushing back invading armies.



Meanwhile on Earth, Jane Foster has thrown herself back into the dating pool. On her first date, Darcy interrupts when her equipment starts picking up some wild signals. The signals start weighing on Jane’s mind and she leaves the date to run around with Darcy and the intern, Ian. Tracking the signals to an abandoned warehouse, some kids show them a vortex that makes a vehicle float and another that lets you thrown things into it and come out above them in an endless loop. Upon investigation Jane gets sucked into another place and accidentally infects herself with the Ether. This alerts Thor to some danger because Jane falls from the view of Heimdall. Traveling to Earth just in time for Jane to return after missing for five hours.

The police are at the site because Darcy called the cops. The police want to arrest them because they are trespassing on private property. When they try to arrest Jane, the Ether explodes. Thor takes her with him to his home, much to the displeasure of his Father Odin. His Father has been trying to discourage him from choosing Jane as his wife and choosing Sif instead. Odin is very upset and doesn’t want to help get rid of the Ether at all. Before they can figure out what to do with Jane, a jail break in their dungeon distracts them long enough that they are attacked by the mysterious Dark Elves.



Jane goes off with Thor’s Mother, Frigga to keep her safe. Frigga fights with all her might to keep Jane away from the leader of the dark elves, Malekith. They manage to keep Jane safe but the city is in ruins. Odin closes down all the passages as Thor sets a plan in place.




Thor, The Warriors Three, Sif and Loki hatch a crazy, Oceans 11 style escape from Aasgard to get to the Dark World and meet up with the dark elf army. This was a ploy to get rid of the Ether inside of Jane, before it could kill her.



Loki helps Thor because he wants revenge for the death of Frigga, his beloved Mother. They meet the elves and everything goes wrong from here. That is all I will say. I am not going to totally ruin this for you.

This is a really solid movie. I felt it moved too fast but it is a two hour movie. There were scenes that felt awkwardly edited. You could almost feel where they had cut out scenes. It’s so obvious because this movie barely passes the Bechdel  test. There are parts where you know, the female characters probably WERE talking about men but that part of the dialogue was cut out to move the plot along. Thor is entertaining because he is still trying to learn how to be a good leader. Loki is entertaining because you feel bad for him for a little while. He’s such a brat, but he loves his Mother. He just doesn’t know how to show his love outside his rage and anger. The character of Jane Foster was rather irritating. It was like watching Bella from Twilight if she grew up to be a scientist. All she wanted was Thor back. Yes, love hurts but I really would like a female character on screen that likes something more than boys. Most of her scenes were similar to video games with “escort missions.” She was constantly being lead from one place to another by someone trying to save her life. Darcy was pretty funny, that’s her assistant, but she was busy flirting with Intern Ian through emotional abuse and sarcasm. Sif needed more screen time, period. Her scenes were truncated and her lines were even more so. Frigga was amazing. It would have been great to see more of her and how she worked the men as an adviser. Enough of my feminist rant.

Favorite moment: Thor telling Loki how he wished he could trust him. That scene just blew me away.

Second Favorite Moment:  Jane Foster on the table being examined by a bunch of female healers. Jane’s character is smart and funny. All the actresses in the scene are fantastic. Alice Krige is the main doctor. She’s well known for being the Queen Borg in First Contact and for Christabell in the Silent Hill Movie. Talulah Riley is one of the nurses. If you don’t know her, it’s because she’s a British Actress. I expect to see good things in her future. Check out a movie called St. Trinian’s. Hilarious!

Third Favorite Moment: Loki impersonates Captain America.

Stay through the WHOLE CREDITS. They do more than one scene setting up for the next movie.

Would I see it again? Yes. 🙂

I know that’s sad. I have all that feminist ranting about the characters but I would go see it again. It’s actually a very good movie with a sophisticated, operatic feel.

Also… did you spot Stan Lee?