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Lego Therapy

Posted: November 3, 2013 by Noccie in Legos, Noccie
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Kane and I are on a Lego binge. We’ve been collecting sets and also collecting second hand Legos. We’ve been very lucky to find a bunch of Legos at our local thrift stores. There are two Lego stores near by one in Lynnwood and the other in Bellevue. I prefer the one in Lynnwood at Alderwood Mall though. The store was a lot calmer and the employees were super nice and knew what they were doing and seemed to enjoy their jobs.

I, personally have a very stressful day job. When I come home sometimes I need a meditative activity to relax. Getting on the computer when I get home stresses me out because I am on the computer all day at work. I can also think about logging on remotely if it’s been a really hard day. Putting Legos together is very relaxing. It’s a creative activity and you can do whatever you can imagine.

Most of the time I start putting blocks together without any plan for my structure whatsoever. Every once and I while I have a vague idea of what I want to build. By the end I am usually in a much better frame of mind. The only thing I can liken it to is sand mandalas. This is my form of sand mandalas. The Buddhist monks make these elaborate mandalas out of sand and then at the end, they brush them away. The act is a practice that shows impermanence. It’s beautiful to watch. There is no urgency or need for structure when I am building. I just start putting blocks together and let them take me to a conclusion. My brain is still working but it’s not worried about the next five steps. There is something comforting in knowing there is no pressure to complete the structure. There is no pressure to have it formed in a certain manner. ┬áThat is what I need in my life, more doing and less thinking about the pressure and stress of the day.

My husband has also called what I do Lego sculpture. Some of the structures I make have more form than function. They are an art form for me. I try and see what I can do and if it resembles something at the end, I am ok with that. What can you see in my art?

Here is my gallery.