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Coming back

Posted: August 18, 2014 by Noccie in Life in a Box
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Earlier this year I gave myself a concussion. I never realized how long it would take me to fully recover. Even after the doctor telling me to do nothing for a week, there was a part of me that doubted it would take that long. Weeks after I was still having issues with dizzy spells, random headaches and fatigue. Seven months later, I still have some symptoms, my neck randomly gets tight and gives me a headache at the back of my neck. It’s slowly becoming less of an issue though.

My recovery was seriously hampered by, first of all my stubborness and secondly stress. There were lots of outside factors that slowed my recovery time. I wasn’t supposed to use a computer, use my phone, watch tv, play video games or even read. I could listen to quiet music and talk to people. NOT PEOPLE! I definately went back to work to quickly, after only three days. The doctor didn’t want me to do anything for a week. During this time, I slept a lot. I also started writing ( but that was stolen from my parents car!)

Once I thought I was good and ready to work on the blog again, I suddenly had pneumonia. That took several weeks to recover from and still shows in my lungs on x-ray. Then, I was finally not exhausted all the time and wisdom teeth started bothering me. About three weeks of pain insued. I had the offending tooth removed but again, as I recovered all I wanted to do was sleep. When I wasn’t sleeping, I was practicing or performing with my band. Yeah… that kind of hurts when you are singing. Now we are good to go again. Healthy enough to blog finally.

20132014 409

The offending tooth.

20132014 408

My puffy face after having it pulled out.

I missed writing the blog so much. Kane is my husband and he was taking care of me through out all of this. Please excuse our abscense because well… life happened. We are finally in a place to move forward with the blog. In the next few weeks there will be so many EXCITING nerdy things to talk about.

We have tickets to PAX and Geek Girl Con. We’re also planning to attend Brick Con in October. Lot’s of Kickstarters are coming in and we still get a monthly LOOT CRATE!

Both Kane and I are excited to start the blog up again. The plan is to have daily posts on a variety of topics. I’m going to resume my “Coming Attractions” ┬áblog that talks about movies coming out in the next week, next month and next year.

My Little Pony is still a love of mine. I’ll be posting all the new gossip and any updates we discover along the path.

In the past few weeks we dug through all our video games. You’ll see a lot of retro game reviews in the future.

Either way, there will be a ton of content to plow through. I can’t wait to hear from all of you about our articles, to discuss all the nerdy things.

Yours Truly,