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PAX 2013 I was sitting in the DS Play area. I had my DS plugged into a socket someone had managed to pry open. I was blissfully playing Animal Crossing trying to get people to visit my town. After a while two gentlemen sat down next to me and started talking. I was surprised because they just started talking to me right off the bat. One was clearly drunk and the other was trying to get DS Passes for his kid. The conversation went from DS games to first person shooters and then casual games. It was a strange turn but I can’t tell you how it got to that point. We began to talk about Pop Cap games. I mentioned I loved Bejeweled but I refused to play Candy Crush. The slightly drunk gentleman asked me why. I told him flat out, I won’t play a game where I have to buy additional content.

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 falls into this trap. I was eagerly anticipating this game because I played the HELL out of the first game. I played it on my phone, on my computer and on my tablet. I played it all the time. I replayed it. I played the levels over and over. I would sometimes play with the Zen Garden for hours and not realize it. I was looking forward to a second game for more of the same exciting casual gaming action. While talking with this guy, I found out one, he worked for Pop Cap. Secondly, he was one of the programmers and was trying to figure out why people weren’t liking the new game. Once he let this fly I told him how disappointed I was that the new game had PAY TO PLAY content. I am not sure he took it to heart.

The new game involves time travel. You get to play an Egyptian Level, a pirate level and a western level. They have boards that you unlock and plants you can unlock. If you don’t feel like taking the time to grind and unlock content you can BUY your way through the game. I like buying a game and owning the a game. I don’t like having to spend a ton of money on internal content. If you buy your way through the game it costs: $25.90.  I think IGN was pretty close on that amount. I would rather buy the game for $10.00 or $15.00 and have to unlock things.

They also took out the Zen Garden. This upsets me. I enjoyed that SO MUCH.

They have new plants that are interesting. In the Egyptian world you unlock the Bloomerang, Iceberg Lettuce and Bonk Choy. The Bloomerange allows you to hit a line of zombies all at once. Iceberg Lettuce freezed one zombie in place. The Bonk Choy hits with it’s fists. It’s a strong, fast plant. In the Pirate area you get the Coconut Cannon, Spring Bean and the Snap Dragon. The spring bean is cool, it bounces the zombie back. Coconut Cannon’s will hit all enemies in a line. The Snap Dragon breaths fire for three spaces in front of it.

The game also uses fertilizer. It’s collected from green glowing zombies. You select the fertilizer and then use it on a plant. They all have a different reaction and some have more than one reaction to fertilizer depending on who is on the field coming towards you.

Another weird thing they have introduced are three touch based attacks. You can select them using your coins and either pinch the heads of zombies, flick them backwards or electrocute them. I don’t like this and only use it when I am desperate.

They have introduced a number of new zombie types. Too many to talk about here. I like the Camel Zombies. There are three zombies hidden behind a sand picture of a camel. They are kind of like the screen door zombies in a way. I hate the Pirate Captain. He has a parrot that STEALS a plant and flies away. Hate. That is the only word I can use.

I haven’t finished playing through the game yet. I made it to the Pirate world, but I am going back through and playing through all the levels on their challenge stage to unlock more stars. That way I can open up more plants and have better tools. The game is long if you don’t buy your way through it. I am a grinder, but this feels a little excessive. In the pirate world, I’ve run into a part where the difficulty is suddenly ramped up. I haven’t been able to get past it.

I don’t recommend BUYING anything for the game. Just play it when you have time and you are satisfied. I feel good with playing one or two fields at a time.