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Gaming on the Cheap

Posted: February 4, 2014 by Kane Blaireau in Kane, Minatures
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In my quest to game more, I’ve been discussing with a friend of mine miniature war games. We have bandied back and forth about a couple. The one recently that has stuck is Kings of War by Mantic Games. It is most similar to Warhammer Fantasy. Medium to large units of models clash on a large tabletop. The primary difference is that instead of removing models from your units, you keep track of overall unit cohesion. Works basically the same but you get to keep your models on the board longer. Makes for a much better visual.

As for what to play this game WITH, we discussed several options. First of course would be the official models. They are reasonably priced and quite attractive. Being long-time gamers, we both have fairly sizeable miniature collections, though, so that lead to option two; using our old Warhammer/other gaming models. This works JUST fine. The only issue with this is then you have the usual hassle of lugging around several pounds of plastic and metal to a gaming location. This lead us to option three: paper miniatures. You pay for a PDF file ($3 or so), print them (or get them printed at FedEx-Kinkos or similar), cut them and base them. They weigh next to nothing, fold flat, and if you need more, you print more! THIS option greatly appealed to both of us as both an easy to use, cheap and even visually exciting option!

Visually exciting? Paper cut-outs? Yes. Most assuredly. OneMonk miniatures is my personal favorite. These things like GREAT on the table. Is it the same as a 3D painted model? No, but I’m a terribly busy person and have very little time to paint. Paper models look WORLDS better than bare/primed plastic or metal. The colors really help the units stand out and look amazingly good in action.

paper zombies

We are finishing up our army lists and planning to get a game in soon. I will be sure to take plenty of pictures and share them with you when we finally get around to Kings of War-Poorhammer edition!