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Posted: November 6, 2013 by Noccie in Noccie, Video Games
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In 1984 the scaries movie I had ever seen was The Dark Crystal… and then came Ghostbusters. My parents took me with them to see this in the theaters. I remember coming home and needing someone to sit outside the bathroom because I was scared a ghost would appear when I was flushing the toilet. I don’t know why I made that association, but I think it was mixed with an add for Ghoulies. Either way, I love this movie so much, I want to get a tattoo of “Venkman Rot in Hell” on my arm.

I just rewatched Ghostbusters for about the millionth time. They just put it back on Netflix. I do own it on DVD but when we moved it was misplaced. I was so happy when it appeared on NetFlix again. YAY! This movie is way better in the theaters by the way. If you get a chance to see it on the big screen, do it!

We played the game of this a while ago but I thought I’d re-visit it. The game was based off the movie and filled in holes between the first and second movies. You get to revisit the New York Central Library and the Hotel from the first scenes. The levels are fun and fill in details that the movies didn’t have time to flesh out . Later on you are in the streets of New York again fighting the Stay Puft Marshmellow man. The game play is easy and quick. You move through the game at a really decent pace until the graveyard. The game is not balanced. You are moving through the game and suddenly there is a puzzle where you have to get rid of these horrible cherubs and it’s so hard you want to throw your controller at the TV.

The game is worth playing up till the Cherubs, fun and quick.

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