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Return of the Reactor! After long last, I’m back. Mostly because their is just TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF to not tell you about it. So, here, in order of end date, are the Kickstarters that caught my eye.

Wayfarer Tactics ends September 28th. A toolbox miniature war game. Supports just about anything you want to throw at it.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 ends September 30th. Sequel to the award winning Divinity: Original Sin. Single player and multi player options. Heavy on the RP!

Mech Deck ends October 1st. Customizeable tabletop mech combat using dice, cards, and a hex based terrain system.

Burrows & Badgers Freelances ends October 5th. More anthropomorphic animal miniatures for a fantasy setting. An under served niche to be sure! This time, with a skirmish game.

Dark Age Outpost ends October 6th. A VERY reasonable price for some nice looking fortifications as well as historical minis.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar ends October 10th. I have to be perfectly honest. I have NO idea what this is based on. A lot of my friends are excited about it, though, and it certainly LOOKS cool. JRPG with action elements.

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan ends October 20th. Sidescrolling action RPG inspired by African folklore. The unique setting is a great change of pace.

Warpath ends October 11th. Mantic. Sci-fi. You know what you are getting. Don’t know? Go download the free alpha at their website.

Battle Systems Urban Apocalypse Terrain ends October 18th. Modern/post-apocalyptic terrain for tabletop gaming. Easy to use cardboard punch outs. Excellent graphic quality!

INFINITY Role Playing Game ends October 18th. Tabletop sci-fi RPG in the same setting as INFINITY by Corvus Belli.

El Alemein ends October 20th. The latest deck building game from Arclight, makers of Tanto Cuore and Barbarosa. Published by Kamikaze. Arclight has a great history with these, so should be well worth it.

Pixel Noir ends October 21st. Retro inspired video game with JRPG elements. Reminiscent of Shadowrun SNES.

EXCEED-Card Fighting Evolution ends November 1st. From the makers of BattleCON and Pixel Tactics, a non-collectible, card fighting game for two players.

The Book of Starry Wisdom. This one has not actually started yet, but come October 1st, you should definitely check it out!

Almost two and a half years ago, a little project named Kingdom Death: Monster hit Kickstarter. Now, nearly two years late, it has finally arrived at my doorstep. Is it late? Yes, very. Am I mad? Not in the least. The campaign went far beyond the wildest dreams of the people running it. How big? Well, it was originally scheduled to be a standard enthusiast board game box, 12″ by 12″ of plastic and cardboard. It ended up being twice that size because SO MUCH EXTRA GOODNESS got added thanks to the overwhelming support. Not only that, they spent the extra time adding more art and content as well. Suffice it to say, it is more than anyone expected when they chose to back the project.

Now, I have not dived into the rules just yet. It just showed up on September 21st. But, here are my unboxing pictures. Enjoy!


The Box!


First thing inside. Thank you…bakcers? Oops!


The back of the Survivor box. I ❤ Poots indeed.


And inside the Survivor box? Many models.


The game in the box in the box in the plastic wrap. The flash reveals the glossy logo against the matte box.


The box without plastic wrap. Can really see that beautiful cover art.


The beautiful back art.


First thing inside the box.


The flat bits and chits.


Tiles and counters.


The board. Its a tri fold as long as the box! Its BIG.


Under the board. So many cards and pads.


Character and village sheets with dice.


The instructions. Note that it is matte black. That yellow on the left is the spine. Its about 1/2″ thick!


Showing off the glossy logo without flash.


And the logo/text with a flash to see the glossy details.

Its an impressive box! Well worth the investment and the wait. Looking forward to digging into this MONSTER!

Gaming on the Cheap

Posted: February 4, 2014 by Kane Blaireau in Kane, Minatures
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In my quest to game more, I’ve been discussing with a friend of mine miniature war games. We have bandied back and forth about a couple. The one recently that has stuck is Kings of War by Mantic Games. It is most similar to Warhammer Fantasy. Medium to large units of models clash on a large tabletop. The primary difference is that instead of removing models from your units, you keep track of overall unit cohesion. Works basically the same but you get to keep your models on the board longer. Makes for a much better visual.

As for what to play this game WITH, we discussed several options. First of course would be the official models. They are reasonably priced and quite attractive. Being long-time gamers, we both have fairly sizeable miniature collections, though, so that lead to option two; using our old Warhammer/other gaming models. This works JUST fine. The only issue with this is then you have the usual hassle of lugging around several pounds of plastic and metal to a gaming location. This lead us to option three: paper miniatures. You pay for a PDF file ($3 or so), print them (or get them printed at FedEx-Kinkos or similar), cut them and base them. They weigh next to nothing, fold flat, and if you need more, you print more! THIS option greatly appealed to both of us as both an easy to use, cheap and even visually exciting option!

Visually exciting? Paper cut-outs? Yes. Most assuredly. OneMonk miniatures is my personal favorite. These things like GREAT on the table. Is it the same as a 3D painted model? No, but I’m a terribly busy person and have very little time to paint. Paper models look WORLDS better than bare/primed plastic or metal. The colors really help the units stand out and look amazingly good in action.

paper zombies

We are finishing up our army lists and planning to get a game in soon. I will be sure to take plenty of pictures and share them with you when we finally get around to Kings of War-Poorhammer edition!

Hey folks! Now that the holidays are over, more cool Kickstarters are starting to pop up again. Here are a few to keep an eye on.

Customizable 3D Printed Tabletop Miniatures! Made-to-order miniatures. This one has already blown by its funding goal and through a couple of stretch goals adding sci-fi  and mounts to the core of fantasy minis. They are a bit pricey, but for something that is basically print on demand, its hard to beat. Their really are no other options short of hiring a sculptor!

Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians! A tactical strategy game directed by the man behind Final Fantasy Tactics. Sounds promising, but not showing us much just yet. Definitely worth keeping an eye on if you like that sort of game, though.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen! Fantasy MMO brought to you by a bunch of guys who broke away from SOE and were behind EQ, EQ2, SWG and on and on. Worth keeping an eye on if you liked any of those.

Project Nimbus! Open world mech shooter. Looks to have elements of the greats such as Zone of Enders and Virtual On. Only a few days left so go take a look!

Red Box Games Norse Warrior Miniatures! Tre Manor is one of the best miniature sculptors in the business today. Get some of his amazing work early by backing this one!

Earthdawn 4th Edition! I am a fan of Earthdawn and am VERY glad to see it coming back again. I’m not sure who is behind the new FASA, but looks like they have plenty of people convinced that they know what they are doing. Epic heroic fantasy with its own take on the genre.

The Mini Box – Simple Storage Solution! Affordable miniature storage. Glad to see an American company doing that as we don’t have many choices this side of the pond.

Last, but not least KUNG FURY! Just go watch the trailer on the Kickstarter. If that doesn’t convince you…I don’t have anything to say to you.

As always, if YOU know of a Kickstarter that everyone needs to hear about, let me know in the comments!

Golem Arcana Kickstarter Needs Your Help!

Posted: October 13, 2013 by Kane Blaireau in Life in a Box
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Hey folks, I posted about this previously, but its coming down to the wire, now, and its still not quite there. Go check it out, won’t you?

Not only am I a huge video game nerd, I’m also a tabletop gaming junkie! Lately, video games have won out simply due to ease of set up and lack of time to play a long, involved tabletop game. Like most geeks, this has not stopped me from acquiring other games to add to the pile. Here is a list of recent acquisitions that I am hoping to go into great detail on in the near future.

Krosmaster Arena-This is an interesting one. Chibi (super-deformed anime) characters inspired by the video games Dofus and Wakfu in a head-to-head arena combat game. Apparently, this was originally a game WITHIN the video game. The boxed set comes with a basic mix of character types with additional models available in small boosters. In Europe, they are sold in blind purchase boxes. I wouldn’t mind some of those myself, but I’ll take what I can get. The models are not so much pre-painted as color molded, giving them a very animated look of simple, bright colors that I find rather charming. It uses some 3D card terrain to mix up the battlefield . Dice use is limited, forcing real tactical thinking.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game-This one has been getting rave reviews! No Dungeon Master needed adventuring with your character and the monsters actions being controlled by decks of cards. Built for 4 players with a 5-6 player expansion already available and decks extending the campaign coming soon. Even my hard to impress friends were excited about this one!

Warmachine High Command-A recent edition to the line of deck building card games where your deck is not fully built at the beginning of the game similar to Dominion. The big difference here is that each player has a separate deck specifically themed to one of the core factions in the Warmachine setting. You further direct the deck based on your choice of Warcasters (the settings epic heroes) and their preferred minions. Each player is looking to score more victory points (by capturing locations or having certain units in play) then their opponents before the game ending card pops out of the communal scenario deck. Surprisingly quick and, unlike Magic or the like, you start with resources enough to do something from turn one. Also, its an expandable card game rather than collectible, so if you want to add more you can, but its entirely optional and you always know what you are getting from an expansion.

Golem Arcana

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Just wanted to give a quick shout-out about this Kickstarter. Mostly because I REALLY want to see it succeed!

Golem Arcana is a tabletop miniature war game that uses a bluetooth enabled device to track the battlefield as well as damage. I got to demo this at Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) and was supremely impressed. If you like miniatures games or tech toys, you need to check this game out! Brought to you by the minds behind Shadowrun Returns, I can’t begin to tell you how much promise I see in this game. Go check it out and share it with your friends!

They are also running a series of demos if you are not already sold. Here are the Seattle area locations:

Card Kingdom – Seattle
Thursday Sept 26 6-10pm

Olympic Cards & Games – Lacey
Saturday Sept 28 1-5pm

Fantasium Comics and Games – Federal Way
Saturday Oct 5 1-6pm