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The Awesomes

Posted: December 11, 2013 by Noccie in Noccie, Television
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The Awesomes is one of the growing number of Hulu original series appearing lately. I’m not opposed to them. I enjoyed the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black and Hemlock Grove after all.

The cartoon is based off a second generation super hero group called The Awesomes. Professor Dr. Jeremy “Prock” Awesome is the son of the original leader who just retired. All the original members except his best friend, Muscle Man left. He has 72 hours to assemble a super team or he will lose government funding. They use the “rejects” to fill the roster and then a random try out person to fill the last spot.

Love it!

This show is hilarious because they really know their super hero team jokes. You can see them pulling on The Watchmen, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, The Avengers and the Justice League. It was recommended by a friend of mine involved in animation. I don’t want to say to much. Just go watch it.

One of the best characters isn’t considered a super heroine but she totally is: Concierge. She has a southern twang and a bitter sense of humor but she can get anything done. Her power is super organization.

Gadget Gal is like Silk Spector, except more hilariously dirty, btw. Her nemesis is named Tom Boy. As you meet her, you find out she’s a former member of the team but she’s in her 80’s.  Tom Boy zaps her with a ray that makes her young again and Tom Boy zaps herself as well. Gadget Gal pulls all of her gadgets out of her purse… for the most part.

They have a flash type character that is from a family of back country circus freaks. His real name is Zip Danger by he goes by Frantic. He’s hilarious because he loves Jerry Springer but doesn’t know his shadow from a hole in the ground.

Impresario can use his powers to make anything… by they take on an aspect of his Mother in the process. He would be lost without his Mother. That is why they didn’t take him on the team originally, Mommy issues.

The youngest member is Sumo. He is an 11 year old boy that turns into a giagantic strong sumo wrestler when he is angry.

Finally, there is Hotwire. She has a secret past that no one really knows. When asked about her background story she lies. Proc has a huge flame for her but she is dating Mr. Perfect.

They are dogged by a reformed supervillian, Dr. Malocchio. His dark power is mind control. Dr. Malocchio just got out of jail the day after the original Mr. Awesome retires.

Check out the show. It’s hilarious. I recommend it highly.