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Apple Jack is left by herself to tend the farm while Grannie Smith and Big Mac are out on an errand. Apple Jack is gaurding a GIANT apple that will be entered in a contest in Appleloosa. She enlists the help of her friends to deal with the fruit bat problem that’s been growing since the Apple family reunion.


This episode can be taken so many ways. For me, it felt like they were trying to talk about balancing the need of modern agriculture to balance with the needs of naturally occuring species. Fluttershy brings up several times that the bats in the frield are trying to provide for their families and doing only what comes natural. Everyone is reminded over and over that the bats are not doing this maliciously. Apple Jack is so worked up and worried about the giant apple though that the gang falls in line to help her keep the bats from eatting apples. This episode also seems to be about taking time to listen to your friends before rushing into hasty actions. Twilight uses the same spell she tried on the parasprites. This time it works and the bats no longer want to eat apples. Unfortunately someone got in the way as they rounded up the bats, Fluttershy.

The ladies find that their friend Fluttershy is a more fearsome foe as she has become a WERE BAT!

The episode was alot of fun. They have a silly song and an adorable Flutterbat.



Not a lot to say about this episode but… I wonder what is going to happen to Fluttershy. I don’t think they cured her completely.