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In a Galaxy far, far away… Star Wars is bringing George Lucas great pain.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is bringing joy to so many people but a small minority of jerks couldn’t let everyone be happy. They had to post spoilers or in one case I heard about, they had shout the spoiler in an office full of Geeks who hadn’t seen the movie yet. Bad behavior is one thing.  This is just malicious. How can you delight in the writhing pain you cause people? It’s not funny. It’s not cute. You need to get a new brain because getting enjoyment from tormenting others is horrible. Learn some damn respect.


The excitement around the new Star Wars movie brought out the worst in a small amount of the population. I guess  some people were never taught to let people around them enjoy things. Some parents are bad examples and can’t be happy if others are joyful and they didn’t get to be as well. Time never runs out to learn lessons in life.

Luckily in my life everyone has been really careful about not spoiling the movie for anyone. Kane and I were especially careful not to talk about what we saw unless we were sure everyone around us had seen the movie. I still debate over whether or not to post certain comics because I don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

Seriously though, why do people feel the need to intentionally spoil a movie for other people? This is literally what the internet looked like the day the movie came out to the general public.


Troll from Gnomes by David the Gnome

The fallout? People saw the movie anyway. Deal with it. If you don’t like, don’t bother watching it. If I don’t like a sport, I don’t go out of my way to make people who enjoy them feel emotional pain. Star Wars, or ANY movie or show should be held to the same level of respect.

Here are my rules for making sure you can keep your friends safe.

  1. Ask, “Hey, have you see this movie yet?”
  2. Don’t post long posts without WARNING people that there are Spoilers ahead.
  3. ASK. Some people don’t care if you spoil the movie because they have no plan, want, desire or need to see the movie.
  4. If you think something is awesome or hilarious think for a moment… will this ruin a key plot point for my friends and family?

These are pretty easy rules to follow. Also, hey…if someone hasn’t played Fallout 4 yet either, shut your mouth.


Last year I was a bad kitty. I didn’t keep up with the blog. This year is going to be different. There will be a new structure to the blog, with three weekly articles and a bunch of revolving monthly blogs. That way things are more consistent for you, the reader.

(Hope no one is offended by the graphic below.)



Wednesday – Life in a Box – Talking about geeky memories and emotions.

Friday – Card Shark – Weekly card spot light. How to use it, how it’s broken, or just how it’s awesome.

Sunday – Movie Time – Reviews, coming attractions, old movies


What’s in the box?! – What we’re doing and where we’ll be.

Casual Time – Casual games I enjoy.

Brick by Brick – Talking about Legos… and sometimes Mega Blocks.

The Sandbox – Anything at all.

Toy Box – Toy reviews

Breaking Down 2015



Some amazing movies and games came out this year. If you haven’t played Fallout 4 yet, or Santa thought you ordered Fallout 3, you are missing out. You need to save up the $60.00 and go get it. It’s $49.99 on the Steam Sale right now. They’ve made major changes that allow you to build settlements and craft items easier. You have a home base but it can be customized. It’s also work the investment to buy the guide, which was only $18.00 when I bought it two days ago. Animal Crossing also came out with a spin off game called Happy Home. It’s fun if you like grindy games with no end. I’ll write more about these two later. Rock Band 4 came out. We’re finally getting to play it tonight… hehe.

LEGO! How could you lose the TMNT license to Megablocks? Seriously, why did your stuff have to suck so much for that franchise when everything else was amazing. ( Side note: the Back to the Future car… also terrible.) Lego did a great job this year on their Friends, Elves, Disney, City and Star Wars lines but kind of dropped the ball on a few other licenses they were holding. The Jurassic Park sets were amazing but they had a hard time keeping up with demand. This left a lot of collectors flapping in the wind. The architecture line has been amazing the past few years but this year they didn’t do their big box of all white blocks. Color me disappointed. This is a Christmas time set that they release only in Lego stores. It wasn’t release this year but they did a smaller box. I have to give Megablocks their dues though. They came out with some really great looking historical military sets and Call of Duty brand Zombie sets.

Tanto Cuore, I love you. I will never leave you… EVER. I can’t wait for OktoberFest to come out. I had the good fortune to volunteer with Japanime Games this summer. It was amazing and I can’t wait for the conventions to start up again this year. Luckily they had demo sets to show people for Pre-Orders and Previewing. The game introduces a new mechanic, beer cards, which affect your ability to play certain cards. It’s going to be a lot of fun. If you want a GOOD FUN card game for 4-5 people, keep an eye out for it. They should be shipping them out in the new year. Also, they have an associated company called Kamikaze games. They produce Barbarosa, which is an irreverant, sexy, World War 2 card game. You really have to be a good sport to play this because they base it off real battles, so… you sort of play as an invading Nazi army, featuring chibi sexy Hitler. It’s a great game though. There is a version of the game that has historical photos instead of the Ladies if that makes you feel more comfortable. ( I like the Anime version.) They also have several other new games coming out. One is called Gods Gambit, which they let me try out when I was at Kumoricon! I’m looking forward to Gods Gambit so much. It’s an Uno Style game. It will be a great fast game you can play with your buddies at a party. The art is really interesting too. I have some photos, I’ll dig out later and write about it in depth.

Cell phone games… well… If you didn’t play Alpha Bears, go work on that right now. They have made so many improvements to the game. They added a VS mode. They added a better system of replenishing coins. They’ve added seasonal, special event content. Kudos to Alphabear for listening to their users. It’s amazing. They are also developing a new game for Android in 2016.

Movies were really great this year. Do I even have to mention Star Wars? Holy Carps. Holy, holy Carps.


Crimson Peak, Mocking Jay part 2, The Martian, Jurassic World were all pretty incredible movies. I hope Hollywood keeps up the momentum because so far all I want to see in 2016 is Civil War and Dead Pool. Hopefully, it will rev up quickly and not be an off year for movies.

That’s all for now. 2015 was a great year and 2016 is going to be even better. Happy New year!


Fallout-Shelter title screen


Fallout Shelter had a lot of hype as a game to keep you happy till Fallout 4 is published. In reality, it’s just Fallout Farmville. The game is a resource collection game. Here is how it works.


You start with a vault. Either you can choose a random vault number or name one yourself. My fault was good old 13. People show up at the vault doors. You assign them to work in room producing resources like electricity, food and water. You can take your shelter dwellers and put two in the living quarters to make more dwellers. You can also choose to have them go out into the wastes. In the wastes they can collect caps, clothing and guns. Over time you unlock more rooms, including faster, better versions of the resource rooms. There are lots of collectibles and random goals that can be completed as well.

The end game is just to keep your people alive. There is no “real” end to the game.

It doesn't matter

You can only have 200 Dwellers, which makes it interesting because there are special characters you can collect in the game. There also get a check list for costumes and weapons. The special characters are usually a higher level than the other vault dwellers. Population is capped by the number of living spaces you have. They get more expensive, the more you build. When you hit a population cap pregnant women stay pregnant and outside dwellers can’t enter the vault. So, it’s pretty much like real life.


There are in-game purchases of lunch boxes and Mr. Handy robots. (The lunch boxes are a tribute to the Fall Out 3 special edition.) They both give you a bonus. The lunch boxes have random resources, caps, costumes, weapons and sometimes characters. The Mr. Handy robots will collect resources for you and help protect your vault. You can get lunch boxes by completing objectives. You can’t, as far as I can tell, get a Mr. Handy from playing. You have to purchase a Mr. Handy.

Protect them from what you ask? At random times you will be attacked by raiders. They come into the vault and steal your resources. Later in the game every time you open your vault door or the longer you transmit radio signals increases the chance of a deathclaw attack. Let me tell you something, raiders are like marshmallows compared to deathclaws. There are other random events that can kill your dwellers. Mole rats and rad roaches can appear at random or after a failed rush attempt.


Rush attempts are part of keeping life balanced in your vault. The vault has bars that monitor electricity, food and water. When something is in the red your dwellers become unhappy, they start to take on radiation or lose life. You can try to rush a room to produce resources but there is a chance you will fail. The game tells you what percent you have at failing. You can either have a fire, rad roaches or mole rats show up if you fail. The reason you want to rush the rooms is because it takes time to develop resources. Certain resources take a certain SPECIAL something. Strength, perception, endurance, intelligence, agility and luck are the special things you need.  The higher your stat, the faster your characters will produce a resource.

Strength gets you electricity.
Perception gets you water.
Endurance is used later on for the Nuka-Cola room.
Charisma helps vault dwellers mate faster and attracts more dwellers through the radio station.
Agility yields water.
Intelligence helps you make stimpaks and rad away.
Luck helps you with rush attempts.

Caps can also be used to upgrade rooms. Rooms can be made as big as three spaces but no bigger. The bigger the room, the more dwellers can work. Also, the bigger the room, the more resources can be produced. Plan your vault wisely. Other rooms include training rooms, which let you raise a single stat at a time for a single dweller.


They did add in some weird things. Children are useless. You can’t tell them to do anything. They just wander around and take up resources. If they get injured, you can’t heal them either. Pregnant women run and hide from any dangers and they can’t be sent out into the wasteland. This posed some weirdness when deathclaws killed everyone in my vault except the children and pregnant ladies. After they ran through almost all the living people in the vault it was suddenly populated with only pregnant ladies and children. Let’s talk about death, it’s not necessarily permanent. You can revive people for caps but it gets expensive. The cost is based on their level and also on how many times you’ve had to revive them.

Fallout deathclaw

If you send someone into the wasteland, you can watch their progress. It’s kind of neat. They have pretty much the same encounters but the outcomes vary. I like reading through them as the different people run through and I often send more than one dweller into the wastes at a time. They can die while in the wastes. Paying caps will allow you to revive them and bring them back to vault.

Happiness is very important. This can be effected by having a dweller in the right or wrong room. You can increase happiness by having them make a child. Happiness is also affected by the balance of your resources. The radio station, which lets you attract other dwellers, also helps you increase the happiness of your dwellers. If your dwellers are sick from radiation or hurt from a an attack, they will let you know it. Keeping your people happy gives you a bonus because you have a daily report. At the end of a week you get a bonus based on your grade. If your people are unhappy, you are going to have a failing grade.


The last thing you unlock through population is the Nuka-Cola room. This produces food and water for your dwellers and thankfully uses characters with high endurance. After that, at this time, there are no other rooms to unlock.

So, 200 dwellers, all the rooms unlocked, your only reason to play is to try to collect all the characters, guns and costumes. That is unless you have a great imagination.

I started a new vault. This vault is Vault 0. I’ve been giving all the new dwellers alphabetical last names. I started with just the letter A, then B, then C and so on. As they have children, I change their last name to show who their progenitors are like Sara AB. When Sara AB has a child with Billy NM, their child will be Johnny ABNM. That way I can keep track of what traits are passed on. Right now in Vault 0, all my residents have red or white hair. If they brown hair or are bald, I don’t let them have kids. It’s selective parenting. I’m curious to see what happens. I just had most of the women in the vault get pregnant by a male with a mohawk. I’m pretty happy with the results. The women with mohawks are super cool looking.

Red Heads

Hopefully, later on, they will have an update that adds content to the game. I would at least like an end game of some sort. I was hoping for an overseers room too.

Talking to my other friends, it’s easy to get bored by this game. I have to admit, I’ve forgotten about it from time to time myself. I think that’s why I have started experimenting with genetics. The game also seems to just be unbalanced. I was in the red for most of the time. Even after training my dwellers and expanding my vault, I was in the red most of the time. Whenever I put couples in the rooms to make babies, my resources went red. Really people, a little sex shouldn’t shut down your vault.

Although, I have my few petty gripes,  I still play this game all the time. My OCD make grinding fun. In WOW, I loved grinding and collecting. Eventually, I stopped running missing and collected items for potions. Then I would sell them on the auctions. Anyway, I digressed. I’m going to keep playing it. If I get any three-headed vault dwellers, I’ll let you know.

Out in the wastes, this is Three Dog, signing off!