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SPOILERS! Don’t even read further if you don’t want to know what happened.

MLPFIM S4 AddMLPFIM Everfree Forest


This past Saturday an amazing event took place… Season Four of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic started!

YAHOO! PARTY CANNON! The episode was a two part adventure with the whole gang.


Princess Twilight is helping Princess Celestia and Princess Luna prepare for the summer solstice festival. This will be the first time Princess Luna has been able to help her sister with the ceremony since she returned from the Moon. On the eve before the ceremony Luna and Celestia go missing. Twilight heads back to Ponyville in the midst of the mystery because the Everfree forest is attacking. The herd looks for clues, questions the usual suspects and seeks advice but it takes a little magic to get to the bottom of the matter. The a few moments in the history of Luna and Celestia holds the key to what’s happening all over Equestria.

MLPFIM PrincessTwilight

The episode is great! It’s a wonderful return to a great show. My only wish… was that there had been a song. The story is complex and uses the old adage, learn from you past or you are bound to repeat it. Using a potion they look into the past and you get to see the history of Equestria first hand. It’s pretty neat to see Luna, Celestia and Discord in action. Discord is in the episode too, he’s brought in as a suspect.

 MLPFIM Sisters

What did I like about this episode? The in depth look into the past was awesome. They also set up a great story arc for the season. I love seeing Twilight get help from her friends in the way of flying lessons. There were some nerdy moments, like when Discord is holding a poster that looks just like a Harry Potter wanted poster of Sirius Black. I made a squee noise. It was hilarious to see Discord back in the picture. Its nice to know that he’s still friends with Fluttershy.


They also had a throw back to the OLD My Little Pony movie.

MLP Gen1

Haha.. yes that is SPIKEY WIKEY in the Gen 1 movie.

There were a few things I didn’t like about the new episode. Pinkie Pie was really annoying at times. Her character was written a bit more immature than normal. Oh yeah, I also didn’t like that there wasn’t a song. I WANT MORE MUSIC!

Those are small gripes. I loved the episode and I’ve watched it several times already.

MLP FIM tree_of_harmony_by_trefleix-d6vqvuo