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On a whim I bought a game called Reach For the Sun through Steam.  The game was developed by Filament Games. They make entertaining and education games. The game teaches you about the life cycle of plants and how the different parts work together. I love this game, I was sucked in even though I know it’s aimed more towards kids.


You play through a tutorial level growing a sunflower plant.  The game explains that the roots grow to gather nutrients and water. The leaves take the nutrients and water and covert it to carbohydrates, to feed the plant. The plant uses the food to grow and produce flowers. The flowers then produce seeds and the cycle begins again. 

I played through all the different plants, Sunflower, Lilac, Toad Lily and Squash. The different plants have different difficulties. You collect the seeds to unlock the other plants and upgrades. The upgrades include a praying mantis, watering can, fertilizer and mulch.

While playing you have to take care of you plant. It can be attached by pests, experience disease and have frost bite. You have to care for the plants to keep them healthy and to produce the most seeds possible. There is a timer as well, you only have till the end of November.

This game was fun, relaxing and the music reminded me of Flower. Check it out. Fun for you and the kids!

Now I need more of their games.