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Krosmaster Arena

Posted: November 4, 2013 by Noccie in Board games, Noccie
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This game will make you want to learn French. A few years ago Kane and I ran into Wakfu and Dofus at PAX 2011 and 2012. These video games are a ton fun. For some reason the line at their booth wasn’t long at all, so both of us stepped right up and tried the game. I loved it. The characters were cute and creative. The art style was creative. The game play was easy to pick up and fun.

They turned their creation into a fantastic board game. We bought Krosmaster Arena at PAX 2013. The characters are adorable, chibi figures based on characters from the cartoon and video games. There are different factions in the game. I enjoy playing the Tofus. The Queen of the Tofus can summon little birds that look like Chocobos. They help her fight and she can summon up to three. There are the Gobballs and they are like little sheep. Fern Sock’em can summon a little doll that blocks a path. There are characters that can shoot guns, throw bombs, shoot arrows, use magic and everything you can imagine. They have vampires and healers. Some of the characters are fairies with different magically powers.

The game play is really easy once you play through the built in tutorials. They come in the big book they provide with the box. There are several different tutorials that start with very basic explanations of moving and basic combat. They take you through bigger and bigger scenarios till they have explained all the rules. So far I have beat Kane every time we’ve played but he just bought some new characters. Who knows what will happen next. Mwahahaha…

The game play is just like the video games though. So if you’ve played Wakfu or Dofus, you can pick up the rules for the board game really quick.

I have two criticisms. The first is the wings on the fairy models are cheap and fall off easily. We’ve had two models come out of the box without the wings attached. The second complaint is there is only one real objective in the game. Their are no variations at this time. I am sure after playing for a while you can create your own but the main objective is always to get rid of your opponents gallons of glory. They are these star cards. You start with six. You can either collect coins to buy your opponents gallons of glory or you can win them through killing their team members.

There is also a cartoon. It’s French and I don’t know if it’s been translated officially. ¬†We found it online with fan subtitles. Subtitles sometimes don’t make sense. That is why you must learn French. You will love this game so much, you will play the video game and still want more! Just like Penny Arcade explained in their strip this week.

The cartoon is really well made. It has a feel similar to the original Full Metal Alchemist. The characters feel really well rounded and fully conceptualized. It’s also just great to watch your favorite figures walking and talking and interacting. They give you a real feel for how you should be playing the characters and help visualize what’s really going on in the battle arena.

If you want a well made game to play with friends or enemies… pick up Krosmaster Arena.