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Kane and I pretty much bought each other blog material for the next few weeks.

Christmas was wave after wave of geeky past times.

Kane bought me three different Lego sets from the Lone Ranger. I bought him a Lego Poly bag set from TMNT that I found at Target for nearly nothing.

Video games abounded. Our lovely friends from Montana sent us Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry 3 and Dead Island. I bought Kane, Dead Island Riptide; Guitar Smith; Rock of the Dead; Lego Batman 2 and Kung Fu Riders.

Kane had a failure in judgement right before Christmas and bought Skylanders Giants. “It was on clearance!” – Kane

This made me a little Skylander happy. I bought him 5 Skylanders as gifts and bought him more in passing. Omg… why?! WHY did you do this to me? I think I actually enjoy the figures more than he does.

Kane bought me “Explore the Dungeon because I don’t know!” for 3 DS and Pokemon X. I love him so much. All this means is I will spend hours trying to listen to him and play the game at the same time. You did this to yourself Kane… you did this to yourself.

Not to mention all the other crazy stuff we got each other AND the Steam Winter Sale going on right now. Wow… yeah.  More to come later.

Kane and I are heading to the Lego Store tonight to see what’s on sale. MWAAHAHA!

Is it strange that I get upset when the NPC’s move to another town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

I find the NPC’s or villagers in New Leaf more enjoyable to deal with than past townies. In the games previously there were some NPC’s I really hated. When they left town I could careless. They were usually rude, angry, annoying or generally unpleasant to deal with in the original on the Game Cube. As it progressed they grew more tolerable but in the latest game. I’ve grown fond of several of the characters.

On Christmas Eve I found out that Klaus is leaving. We got to say good bye but I wish I had more time to visit with him.

wpid-20131225_223427.jpg wpid-20131225_223439.jpg

Klaus was always nice to talk to. He was a little strange from time to time but always great to interact with. I took a month off from playing Mayor of Nowhere. That’s what I named my town, Nowhere. There are a lot of strange things that happen in Nowhere.

I even met a raindeer named Jingle that game me a bag of presents to pass out. I was dressed as Santa Klaus. Everyone really thought I was him, spreading merry tidings of cheer. He gave me a present to give to Klaus, the T-Shirt he was wearing in the photo above. I may have jumbled a bunch of the gifts for the town but he said this was what he asked for this Christmas.


Here is Skye getting a present of a candy umbrella… which Skye didn’t appreciate fully. At least Klaus was happy on his last night in town and he thinks I am the best Mayor of Nowhere ever.

The Holidays are here… or almost over if you celebrate Hanukkah. Sorry! I didn’t get this up soon enough for Hanukkah shopping. I’ve got some lovely holiday gifts and stocking stuffer ideas for your friends and family.

1. Digital Soaps – I blogged about these soaps previous by they are a great gift for the gamer in your life. Plus, you are supporting a small business run through Etsy. These soaps from $5.00 to $78.00 for a complete set of controller shaped soaps. They also have a Dragon Ball set for $44.00.

SoapsTrio StrawberryRhubarbSoap

2. The Doubleclicks – This musical sister duo sings about Mars Rovers, Dimetradon, Velociraptors and being the best geek girl you can be. Based out of Portland. They play Cello and Guitar or Ukelele or Cat Keyboard. Buy a CD today!

The Doubleclicks

The Doubleclicks

3. The Hunger Games Book set  – The trilogy that inspired the movie, authored by Suzanne Collins. Read more about Katniss Everdean and the world of the Hunger Games.

4. The Divergent Trilogy – Soon to be a movie, the freshman release by Veronica Roth, Divergent is about Tris Prior’s decision to leave her family. On every child’s 16th birthday they have to take a test and then choose between one of the 5 factions that form their world or become factionless. Tris has a problem though, she doesn’t pass the test. The test doesn’t say anything about her at all meaning she is Divergent. She can’t tell anyone her secret. 

5. The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings Books – There are some AMAZING special sets out there. Barnes and Nobel has several different leather bound editions of both the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

6. Loot Crate – A monthly gift for those you love. It’s a box of random geeky items for $13.37 a month, plus shipping. Here are some of the cool things I’ve received.

Blog 10 06 13 431 GGC Legos Suvival Loot Crate 081 Cellphone I take to many photos 231 Cellphone I take to many photos 238

7. Lego Video Games – These games run between $20.00 to $40.00 dollars depending on how new they are. The majority of them fall into the $20.00 range. I recommend Lego Pirates of the Carribean, Batman, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. These can all be found for $20.00.

8. Lego Sets – Lego has a bunch of small sets for between $10.00 – $25.00. I’ve built a few of them myself like Bilbo getting the ring from Gollum. This little set is $10.00. They have a bunch of sets like this for the Lone Ranger, Star Wars, Teen Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles and many many more.

Random 175 Random 174 Random 173

9. Wil Wheaton shirts – has a parasitic relationship with Wil Wheaton. Right now they have several shirts and things designed by him.

10. Lego Necklaces! – You can make these at home. Go to your Lego store or online and by two lego coupling plates. Glue them together if you want, otherwise just lock them together. The jump rings go through the hole at the top and you attach a chain, cord or ribbon to the jump rings. Here is a tutorial I found so you can see what I am talking about.