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Steven Universe is the first Cartoon Network series created by a woman. That’s not the only reason you should watch it though. Rebecca Sugar is the writer, composer and story board artist for Steven Universe but she got her start on Adventure Time.  She won two prime time emmy’s for two of the shows most popular episodes, ” Fiona and Cake” and “Simon and Marcy”. If you don’t love “Simon and Marcy” you have no heart. There is a black hole where your heart should be!

Why should you really watch this show? It’s amazing. The show reminds me of 1970’s anime with a more robust story. They have songs randomly through out the series that have heart and emotion. The songs are also ear worms! (NOT THE BORE WORMS!) I can’t get the theme song out of my head sometimes for days. Aside from that, the show is fantastic. 🙂 The writing is insightful, heart warming and good for kids and adults.

The premise of the show is that Rose Quartz gave up her physical body to give birth to Steven. He’s being raised by the other Crystal Gems that protect the Earth. Garnet, Amythyst and Pearl live with Steven at the temple and his good hearted Father lives in a van by a car wash. His Dad is a bit of a hippy. He doesn’t really care much about conventional life and is happy to run the car wash and live in his cool van. Steven is slowly learning about his powers, his friends, his gem and his Mother.


The show has lots of good hearted romping around in Beach City. You see the places Steven loves like the donut shop and the arcade. He tries to teach the Crystal Gems about being human as much as they try to teach him about being a Crystal Gem. Things don’t always go perfectly, but in the end they always find a new way to deal with each other. Even the Gems don’t always get a long.

Opal Sugalite

Pearl and Amethyst are like oil and water. They often butt heads because Pearl is a little uptight, Amethyst is a little too free spirited and Garnet is more into power over finess. Sometimes they have to fuse together and if they aren’t getting along or in agreement they can’t form an Gem fusion. It’s going to be interesting once Steven learns how to fuse. All of them have their strengths. Pearl is more about planning. Amethyst is more about quick decisive action. Garnet, as I’ve said is about might and power. She has these weapons that remind me of Hellboy’s red right hand. Steven is still learning, he tends to come up with unconventional solutions to problems but his biggest strength is uniting the Gems.


We don’t know much about his Mother, Rose Quartz. In each episode we get little hints and glimpses of his Mother. The first episode has the most information about her. She was more powerful than the rest of the group, she loved music, she had a light cannon and her actual gem weapon was a shield. Later we learn that she often saw the beauty in everything, even in things others find gross.


This show is really important and I hope it runs for a long time. I think it’s going to be influential on other animators out there because the stories aren’t your usual smash and grab. Much like Adventure Time, there is action but they also explore the emotional needs and back grounds of the different characters. In every story you can see some element of your life reflected back at you. It helps you to stop in the midst of the noise in the world and think, do I do that? Maybe it will help us relate to kids growing up in this weird place? There are so many times they try to shut Steven down because he’s a child only to find out that he has the solution, or that they need his help. Sometimes we’re so busy trying to do EVERYTHING that we don’t realize we’re shutting down the fun in our lives or how to ask for a hand. That maybe we need to get over our own embaressment for the sake of doing what someone else loves?

Maybe I’m reading to much into the cartoon and I should go find a cookie cat?


P.S. Love how the music sounds like old school video game music! Here is a youtube link to songs from the show!

Cartoon Network puts most of their episodes up. Here is a link to available episodes of STEVEN UNIVERSE!