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Movie Review: Carrie (2013)

Posted: November 7, 2013 by Noccie in Movies, Noccie
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Do you know how many times they’ve remade Carrie? Three times at least. That includes a sequel which was secretly… a remake.

Carrie is based off the popular novel by Stephen King. They made a great movie  version in 1976 with Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie as her Mother. The original is very well framed with a good build up to the eventual disaster involving telekinesis. It’s become a classic set up of the outsider going berserk when pushed too far. So how was the remake? Good actually.

Don’t know the plot? Here you go.

Carrie White was raised by her single Mother, Margaret. They are a little different. The White’s are deeply religious and shun the outside world as sinful and ungodly. Carrie is an outcast at school because of the fear her mother has instilled in her through abuse and extreme biblical teachings. She has been kept from knowing the most basic information that most everyone learns. Suddenly, Carrie gets her period and finds herself at a loss for knowing what is happening. Thinking she’s bleeding to death she screams for help asking her classmates to get help. They chastise her and toss tampons while chanting. This incident leads to a group of girls working together to torment the innocent Carrie. Sue Snell realized that they are being horrible and goes about trying to get her friends to realize the error of their ways. Sue even goes so far as to get her boyfriend to take Carrie to the Prom. They want to show Carrie that she can fit in and have a good time like everyone else. Of coarse, Chris Hargensen (the head mean girl), remains the aggressor and refuses to understand that what she’s done is wrong. Chris is suspended from going to prom by the school for her actions and to get revenge she sets a cruel prank in motion. With the help of a bad boy boyfriend, Chris sets pigs blood above the stage. When Tommy Ross and Carrie are voted in as Prom King and Queen the plot is set in full motion. The vote was rigged and Chris’ evil friends help to get them into position. What everyone doesn’t know is that Carrie’s been learning how to use powerful telekinesis! Sue realizes that something is up and rushes to the school to try and stop the cruel joke. Before she can stop the prank, she is tossed out of the prom by a teacher. This actually saves her life as Carrie gets revenge on the students that tormented her and ruined her one moment of true happiness.

Chloe Grace Moretz plays Carrie and her Mother is played by Julianne Moore. Chloe can play just about anyone. She’s in the remake, Let Me In. She’s in Kickass, Hugo, Dark Shadows, and the 2005  remake of The Amityville Horror. Other than her horror movies, she been in a lot of television and movies that weren’t horror as well. She’s really good as mousy and really good at pulling off bad ass as well. Julieanne Moore is more of a mixed bag. She was excellent in the role made famous by Piper Laurie. I think she was actually a little more unsettling than the original performance by Piper Laurie. I haven’t enjoyed much of Julieanne Moore’s except the Big Lebowski and Evolution. Those were both comedies though. This was serious and Julianne Moore did not break character at all. The acting in the movie is pretty good overall. The effects are up to date and tip top. They added a modern spin to school bullying using texting, Facebook and cellphone videos. They updated everything except the cars. There were a lot of throw back 1970’s cars. Unfortunately, the movie wasn’t that scary. The same moments in the original, with Carrie’s Mother stalking her and Carrie crucifying her Mother, are the only truly scary moments. The prayer room where Carrie get’s locked, wasn’t as creepy either. In the 1970’s version the room was claustrophobic and terrifying. The new prayer room was pretty spacious and didn’t have iconography as scary as the original. The special effects were pretty good including a few gory make up effects.

Overall, this is a good movie, not a great movie.

Pet peeve: You could see the beauty make up on ALL of the teen actors. EVEN in scenes where they weren’t in a close up view.

Should you go see it? I guess so, if you have to choose. Rent it next Halloween when you can’t find a copy of the original. It’s a rehash, scene by scene remake. I’m not saying it’s a bad movie, it’s just the same movie.