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Console Wars was the theme of the Loot Crate for December. The Console Wars have been fought with man casualties over the years. The three remaining contenders are Wii and WiiU, Playstation 3 and 4; X-Box 360 and X-Box One. The are a few bystanders that aren’t really part of the war, Cell Phone games; Personal Computers and the Ouya. They used this to fuel the inspiration for December’s Loot Crate.

The items included were a shirt, bracelet, magnet, pencil tin, sticker, energy chocolates and controller grips.


The Energy chocolates I gave to Kane. He loves this kind of candy. It also came with a coupon for more once he’s addicted. They are basically caffeinated M&Ms with B12. I tend not to enjoy these kinds of candies but he adores energy mints and candies. They threw in a candy cane for the Holidays. 🙂


The magnet is a nice memory of consoles past. It includes the controller for the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast is the best console that was ever designed but it just never caught on. I played my first online team play game on the Dreamcast with an attached keyboard add on. I was working at the Hobbytown in a mall and I would play Fantasy Star Online with the guys from the Gamestop. It was awesome. They are right though, you never forget. Legends never die. We actually still have all of these. I even have a Sega Game Gear packed away somewhere.


They included a nifty bracelet to wear. It’s one of those rubber affairs that has the word “gamer” printed on it.


The next item are these nubs you can attach to a controller. The numbs are called Grip It. They are grips that go over the sticks. I know after time you can definitely wear the controllers so they are slick. They fit on PS3, PS4, X-Box 360 and X-Box One.


The Iron Patriot came with my box. It’s a pencil tin and it comes with two pencils, two erasers and a sheet of stickers. I think the Iron Patriot in the movies is a great side character and doesn’t get enough screen time. I think it’s funny we received this because we also have the Funko paper dolls of Iron Man from the Nerd Block last month.










They included a shirt in the box this month! I was happy to see the shirt because I had almost bought it on Woot. It was like they knew I wanted the the shirt. The artist used different parts of the consoles to recreate the scene from Hoth in Star Wars. EPIC!



My favorite item is a CAT BUG AND IMPOSSIBEAR sticker. I love Bravest Warriors so much. They included a sticker with Impossibear and Cat Bug dressed as Han Solo and Chewbacca. Don’t worry… gas powered stick! Never runs out of GAS!


So far, I love LootCrate. Keep up the good work.