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Wait Until Dark

Posted: October 25, 2013 by Noccie in Movies, Noccie
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Audrey Hepburn was a very versatile actress. Wait Till Dark was from 1967 and one of Audrey’s spectacular thrillers. Audrey plays Susy Hendrix, a woman that became blind as an adult after an accident. Her husband Sam leaves for a business trip because he’s an internationally renowned photographer and Suzy is on her own. A mysterious woman that sat next to Sam on a plane gave him the doll and he takes it home. Sam and his wife receive a call from the woman but they can’t find the doll. A stranger shows up claiming to be Sam’s old friend and then when Susy’s alone and a man screaming for her husband breaks into her apartment. The old friend returns and offers to help keep her safe. Weird happenings continue and it turns out a drug cartel is trying to locate the doll. Suzy doesn’t find the doll till much later and her alarm turns to suspicion as she tries to survive without being able to see.

I enjoyed this move enough to buy it on DVD. Part of why I love this movie is Audrey Hepburn. Another reason I love this movie is that it feels like a stage play. When I researched it, the movie was developed from the stage play. If you don’t like horror movies, this is the perfect effect because it’s suspenseful and scary. It’s more like a mystery with some murder thrown in for drama or a thriller with a classy edge to it like Charade. The acting is serious and a little over-the-top adding to the stage feel of the movie. There are some great sight gags, such as when the thieves are dressed up as a police detective rubbing down the apartment for fingerprints. Suzy asks if her apartment is dusty at the end of the scene to point out she is blind, not deaf. There are other scenes that illustrate Suzy may be blind but not oblivious, like when she realizes two of the men that came in had the same walking gait. Although my co-worker and I were talking about it and he asked me, “Why didn’t they just give the guy the doll full of cocain?” Well there wouldn’t be much suspense if we just gave in that easily.

On a feminist note, I love this movie. Audrey’s character does need help for some things, like grocery shopping, but she is largely independent. Even though her character be moans the fact she is “helpless,” Suzy is resourceful, smart and observant with her ears. Like every dynamic character, she has a few moments of weakness where she wants a man around to help her. I mean, think of all those pickle jars she needs opened? The movie is from the 60’s and developed from an even older screenplay. The movie is still pretty solid as a great example of overcoming a disability.

There are two things I don’t like about Wait Until Dark. The first is the way Audrey Hepburn screams. I hate her scream. It’s like nails down a chalkboard. The other thing is Gloria. She’s a bipolar little brat. Gloria does like Suzy though, probably because she’s pretty patient with her craziness. Those two gripes aside, it’s a great classic movie.

Wait Until Dark (1967)

Directed by Terrence Young

Produced by Mel Ferrer

Screenplay by Robert Carrington and Jane-Howard Carrington

Story by Frederic Knott

Starring: Audrey Hepburn, Alan Arkin, Richard Crenna