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Pokemon X on the bus

Posted: January 17, 2014 by Noccie in Noccie, Pokemon, Video Games
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I’m actually a pretty busy person with my job, band, blog and socializing. A lot of the time I play Pokemon on the bus. This has led to some akward encounters. First, people look at you weird when you are a 35 year old woman playing Pokemon X on the bus. If only they knew the truth about the PokeDex of life. Secondly, people need to respect that I am holding something when I am sitting. Yes, I go between my 3DS and my phone. I’m a busy on the go woman. I have needs and I need to text people while leveling up my Pokemon. Recently something happened though I found amusing. I was on a sparsly filled bus and someone sent me a “Hi!”

I stopped and looked around the bus. No one appeared to be playing on a DS. The person tried to connect for trading a few times and a match by my DS connection kept failing. We never wound up connecting but I am left wondering who this person is on my aquaintance list. How far does the Wi Fi connect stretch? Could it been one of the houses we were passing by?

Seriously, I looked around the bus like a weirdo waiting for someone to smile or wave. Nope, everyone just had a look of tired workers on their way home.

If you know, please comment. I am really curious how the 3DS WiFi works.


At Geek Girl Con we found an awesome vendor selling video game related soap, Digital Soaps.

Sounds awesome right? You have no idea.

Chrystal Doucette, is the founder of Digital Soaps and we talked for a while. She is charismatic, friendly and really open to questions about her cool products. We were impressed because on first glance, her soaps looked like the real game cartridges. There were soaps of all sizes and game systems. We purchased a Chrono Trigger cartridge that is Mt. Dew Scented in fact. Yesterday I handed it to my Mother and said I bought a new game. She tried to feign interest reading the tag. Then Kane and I laughed because she commented that something smelled really nice. Even she was amazed by how much they look like the real cartridge.


I also bought a deliciously smelling Pokeball. The scent is Strawberry Rhubarb pie. The ball looks like a Pokeball. According to Chrystal, there is a surprise Pokemon in each one. I can’t wait to find out what I bought. I will have to post an update after I’ve rubbed it all over enough to expose my POKEMON! I CHOOSE YOU… to wash the filth from my body and make me smell nice.


As a bonus she gave us a Mario star. It’s citrus scented.

Digital Soaps had other products I wanted but I thought I should start with two first. I am a little bit of a girly girl  at times and I have a back log of handmade soaps. There was one that looked like a PlayStation controller.  I really want the buy that next. She had a variety of scents that included Dr. Pepper and A&W Root-beer. She suggested getting the shampoo when she found out I have a pile of soaps. Her product line is very diversified. She makes body washes, soaps, lotion, hand sanitizer, shampoo and conditioners. One of the really unique items she makes is CAFFEINATED SHAMPOO. Yeah, you read that right. If you need to rise and shine, rinse and repeat.

Another really cool item are the Tetris soaps. I just like the idea of being able to display them before I use them.

If you really like bacon, but don’t want to rub yourself all over with it, try her soap. She makes a vegan bacon soap. They come in either dark chocolate or bacon scent.

These are great gift items. I smell holiday shopping ideas!

Check out her Etsy shop or her website.