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Posted: September 21, 2015 by Noccie in Mobile Games, Video Games
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Fallout-Shelter title screen


Fallout Shelter had a lot of hype as a game to keep you happy till Fallout 4 is published. In reality, it’s just Fallout Farmville. The game is a resource collection game. Here is how it works.


You start with a vault. Either you can choose a random vault number or name one yourself. My fault was good old 13. People show up at the vault doors. You assign them to work in room producing resources like electricity, food and water. You can take your shelter dwellers and put two in the living quarters to make more dwellers. You can also choose to have them go out into the wastes. In the wastes they can collect caps, clothing and guns. Over time you unlock more rooms, including faster, better versions of the resource rooms. There are lots of collectibles and random goals that can be completed as well.

The end game is just to keep your people alive. There is no “real” end to the game.

It doesn't matter

You can only have 200 Dwellers, which makes it interesting because there are special characters you can collect in the game. There also get a check list for costumes and weapons. The special characters are usually a higher level than the other vault dwellers. Population is capped by the number of living spaces you have. They get more expensive, the more you build. When you hit a population cap pregnant women stay pregnant and outside dwellers can’t enter the vault. So, it’s pretty much like real life.


There are in-game purchases of lunch boxes and Mr. Handy robots. (The lunch boxes are a tribute to the Fall Out 3 special edition.) They both give you a bonus. The lunch boxes have random resources, caps, costumes, weapons and sometimes characters. The Mr. Handy robots will collect resources for you and help protect your vault. You can get lunch boxes by completing objectives. You can’t, as far as I can tell, get a Mr. Handy from playing. You have to purchase a Mr. Handy.

Protect them from what you ask? At random times you will be attacked by raiders. They come into the vault and steal your resources. Later in the game every time you open your vault door or the longer you transmit radio signals increases the chance of a deathclaw attack. Let me tell you something, raiders are like marshmallows compared to deathclaws. There are other random events that can kill your dwellers. Mole rats and rad roaches can appear at random or after a failed rush attempt.


Rush attempts are part of keeping life balanced in your vault. The vault has bars that monitor electricity, food and water. When something is in the red your dwellers become unhappy, they start to take on radiation or lose life. You can try to rush a room to produce resources but there is a chance you will fail. The game tells you what percent you have at failing. You can either have a fire, rad roaches or mole rats show up if you fail. The reason you want to rush the rooms is because it takes time to develop resources. Certain resources take a certain SPECIAL something. Strength, perception, endurance, intelligence, agility and luck are the special things you need.  The higher your stat, the faster your characters will produce a resource.

Strength gets you electricity.
Perception gets you water.
Endurance is used later on for the Nuka-Cola room.
Charisma helps vault dwellers mate faster and attracts more dwellers through the radio station.
Agility yields water.
Intelligence helps you make stimpaks and rad away.
Luck helps you with rush attempts.

Caps can also be used to upgrade rooms. Rooms can be made as big as three spaces but no bigger. The bigger the room, the more dwellers can work. Also, the bigger the room, the more resources can be produced. Plan your vault wisely. Other rooms include training rooms, which let you raise a single stat at a time for a single dweller.


They did add in some weird things. Children are useless. You can’t tell them to do anything. They just wander around and take up resources. If they get injured, you can’t heal them either. Pregnant women run and hide from any dangers and they can’t be sent out into the wasteland. This posed some weirdness when deathclaws killed everyone in my vault except the children and pregnant ladies. After they ran through almost all the living people in the vault it was suddenly populated with only pregnant ladies and children. Let’s talk about death, it’s not necessarily permanent. You can revive people for caps but it gets expensive. The cost is based on their level and also on how many times you’ve had to revive them.

Fallout deathclaw

If you send someone into the wasteland, you can watch their progress. It’s kind of neat. They have pretty much the same encounters but the outcomes vary. I like reading through them as the different people run through and I often send more than one dweller into the wastes at a time. They can die while in the wastes. Paying caps will allow you to revive them and bring them back to vault.

Happiness is very important. This can be effected by having a dweller in the right or wrong room. You can increase happiness by having them make a child. Happiness is also affected by the balance of your resources. The radio station, which lets you attract other dwellers, also helps you increase the happiness of your dwellers. If your dwellers are sick from radiation or hurt from a an attack, they will let you know it. Keeping your people happy gives you a bonus because you have a daily report. At the end of a week you get a bonus based on your grade. If your people are unhappy, you are going to have a failing grade.


The last thing you unlock through population is the Nuka-Cola room. This produces food and water for your dwellers and thankfully uses characters with high endurance. After that, at this time, there are no other rooms to unlock.

So, 200 dwellers, all the rooms unlocked, your only reason to play is to try to collect all the characters, guns and costumes. That is unless you have a great imagination.

I started a new vault. This vault is Vault 0. I’ve been giving all the new dwellers alphabetical last names. I started with just the letter A, then B, then C and so on. As they have children, I change their last name to show who their progenitors are like Sara AB. When Sara AB has a child with Billy NM, their child will be Johnny ABNM. That way I can keep track of what traits are passed on. Right now in Vault 0, all my residents have red or white hair. If they brown hair or are bald, I don’t let them have kids. It’s selective parenting. I’m curious to see what happens. I just had most of the women in the vault get pregnant by a male with a mohawk. I’m pretty happy with the results. The women with mohawks are super cool looking.

Red Heads

Hopefully, later on, they will have an update that adds content to the game. I would at least like an end game of some sort. I was hoping for an overseers room too.

Talking to my other friends, it’s easy to get bored by this game. I have to admit, I’ve forgotten about it from time to time myself. I think that’s why I have started experimenting with genetics. The game also seems to just be unbalanced. I was in the red for most of the time. Even after training my dwellers and expanding my vault, I was in the red most of the time. Whenever I put couples in the rooms to make babies, my resources went red. Really people, a little sex shouldn’t shut down your vault.

Although, I have my few petty gripes,  I still play this game all the time. My OCD make grinding fun. In WOW, I loved grinding and collecting. Eventually, I stopped running missing and collected items for potions. Then I would sell them on the auctions. Anyway, I digressed. I’m going to keep playing it. If I get any three-headed vault dwellers, I’ll let you know.

Out in the wastes, this is Three Dog, signing off!

  1. Angelwuff says:

    So true. The weird difficulty mix of disasters has been odd. Fires tend to rarely cause worry. Radroaches are randomly awkward or easy (based on room size and level apparently). But molerats are super annoying. And exploring the wastes seems super easy too. Though some may be luck on getting good dwellers early.

    I treat it like nekoatsume now. Check it in 5 to 15 minutes. Play a minute. Set it aside again. I wish there were more strategies to choose from too. But hey. Free game. :3

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