Blendoku: Look at All the Colours

Posted: July 22, 2015 by Noccie in Mobile games, Noccie
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Hey it’s Hump day! Here is a game that might make your day a little better.


Blendoku is a deceptive game. They give you a six blocks of colors and you have to put them in order of shade. So, the easy levels are light to dark. The harder levels are transitions from colors, for example pink to green. The hardest levels have shapes to them including L’s, squares and pyramids. Those are the easiest of the sets. The game gets progressively harder has you move through the levels. There are no longer simple shapes or lines of color the more and more you play. The levels slowly become mazes where the player is responsible for putting the colored blocks in order.

The programing of the game is simple enough. The version of Blendoku I downloaded is by Lonely Few, LLC. Since the game came out, there are now clones of it, including one by Benjamin Moore, the paint company. I recommend the version by Lonely Few instead. I did enjoy this game. It reminded me of Flow Free. The game has the same visual asthetic and game lay out. The menues were identicle.

Just a warning, it’s simply addictive. You can’t stop with one puzzel. Do not play this in the bathroom at work. 🙂

As with most free games, there is additional content you can purchase. That content includes additional levels to play through.

The team that made it I have only made one other game that I’ve found. It’s called Brainsss. Here is a link.

  1. Rod Green says:

    Thanks for the review! 😀 The other game clone you mention, I assume is Bendoku? We actually developed that for Benjamin Moore, so we support that game too! All the more Blendoku for people to play 😉

    • Noccie says:

      You’re right that is the one! Glad to hear it was yours too. It is a really fascinating game. I also read a bunch of articles that mentioned you adapted it for the color blind as well.

      • Rod Green says:

        Yes, three’s an option in the settings menu to turn on the button. Basically it will cycle the colors into different hue ranges. So anyone who has trouble telling the difference with the colors can adjust it so it might fall in a part of the spectrum they can see clearer.

      • Noccie says:

        That’s fantastic. It’ great that you made it accessible to so many people.

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