This Week in Geek

Posted: August 25, 2014 by Noccie in Life in a Box

Now that we are back, we should really tell you what’s going on every week. That way you know what to come back and read.


Monday will have a list of the blogs for the next week. It’s also the day we talk about upcoming events, conventions and general goings on.


Tuesday’s a New Day! We’ll be talking about all the new things coming. New movies, new games, new toys, anything goes. This will also be the day Kane posts the Kickstarter REACTOR!


Life in a Box is the feature article of hump day. These articles have to do with life, family and feels.


Throwback Thursday is when we’re going to feature peices about old games, retro consoles, and days gone by.


Freeform Friday means we have no theme. It might not even be geek related. Loot Crate unboxings and subscription unboxings will be posted here too!


Saturday morning cartoons is the article featured. We’ll talk about episodes, new series and anything cartoons.


Coming Attractions will be my weekly look at the movies that are coming out in the theater. There will be three movies featured. The article contains a summary, the movie poster and some information abou tthe movie makers. We’ll post blogs about movies and movie reviews.

That said, here is this week.

Monday –  PAX Plans, what we are lookign forward to at PAX 2014.

Tuesday – Kick Starter Reactor

Wednesday – How my Mom and I bonded over Jellyfish Princess.

Thursday – JoJo’s Bizarre Technical Issues, talking about hooking the Dreamcast up to a modern television.

Friday – Live blogging from PAX. Loot Crate Unboxing, theme Hero’s.

Saturday – Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems or Three Gems and a baby.

Sunday – Coming Attractions: Family Fun! A look at three awesome cartoons that are coming out in the next three months.

Hope to hear from you, comment, chat, tweet, facebook!


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