Throw back Thor’s Day: Adventures in Babysitting

Posted: August 21, 2014 by Noccie in Movies
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“No body leaves this place wit’out singin’ da blues.” – Albert Collins

AIBS Singing da blues

Thor wasn’t always fighting the evil that men do. Once upon a time he went by the name Dawson and he fixed cars.

Not all geek movies were obviously aimed at our particular audience in the 1980’s. They often tried to carry a group of teenagers that would reflect a spectrum of social groups and appeal to a wide audience. Adventures in Babysitting is a teeny bopper, action adventure, comedy. There is an underlying nerdy streak to this movie and it was really one of the first movies to have a blatantly nerdy GIRL. Maybe it was before it’s time or maybe it was a sign that things were changing in society.

What’s Adventures in Babysitting about?

AIBS Poster

Chris is supposed to be on the date of dreams but her boyfriend cancels at the last-minute. Having nothing better to do, a babysitting job pops up and she decides to take it because she needs the distraction. Meanwhile her friend Brenda gets stranded at the bus terminal in the city with no money and a cast of scary characters threatening her safety. Begging for her life, Brenda convinces Chris to drive into the city, with Sara and her brother to pick her up. Just as they are about to leave, everything starts to go wrong when Brad’s douchey friend Darryl black mails his way into joining the trip. A series of missteps leads them on an improbable adventure and through life-or-death situations.

The cast meets interesting characters along the way such as The Hook Handed Man; The Car Thief; The Blues Man; Inner City Gangs and even Thor.

Why do I love this movie? Sara.

AIBS Group

Sara is a little girl who is obsessed with comics and especially Thor. She wears a Thor helmet, a red cape and carries a plastic Mjolnir. Her devotion to the character is unflappable. Even when she comes face to face with the cranky Dawson, at Dawson’s garage she bows to him. Tapping her hammer on the groundshe greets him as a God. Her zeal wins over Dawson and his goodside comes out when Sara offers him her Thor helmet. She is convinced that because he doesn’t have his helmet, he’s not acting like himself. That melts the heart of the super cranky, muscle bound Thor look-a-like.


Sara was so relatable when I was a kid. I was into comics. I was into dressing up and being weird. Branded a tom boy, no one really understood that instead of Barbie, I wanted to read the Outsiders and Amethyst Princess of Gem World. (Seriously bad ass comic btw.) I had friends that were into elves and fantasy but they were more of the Anne McCaffrey vein. We would sometimes play pretend. There was always an elf, a dragon born and me, A NINJA! This character, Sara,  wasn’t truely outrageous, wasn’t wearing thigh high boots and wasn’t wearing a liatard. I could related to this little girl, about my age, being super excited about nerdy things.

Other things I love about this movie include singing the blues. That scene always stuck with me. Part of that is because my Mother loves to quote it, often. Recently, I had her over to hang out with her and my Dad. We wound up watching it because she went through my Netflix. It was in my recently watched catagory.

The Lords of Hell, scene on the train is like watching the dialogue after a Michael Jackson video between the two gangs.

The Doctor in the hospital. This was a social statement. He was overworked, nonplussed, and clearly taking some of his own meds.

Secret geek moment, Chris’ scarf reminds me of Dr. Who. It’s not exactly Tom Baker worthy but reallyclose.

Adventures in Babysitting is in my “infinately rewatchable” catagory. Other movies include, Ghostbusters; Shaun of the Dead; HotFuzz and Galaxy Quest. I love this movie and own it on DVD. It’s currently on Netflix. Enjoy.

AIBS Promo


Secret bonus… this scene reminds me of Jellyfish Princess. They did release this movie in Japan. Maybe it had an influence on the manga author.

AIBS ThenHeKissedME

Chris singing “And Then He Kissed Me.”

Zukimi as a Princess

Zukimi as a Princess


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