Pokemon X on the bus

Posted: January 17, 2014 by Noccie in Noccie, Pokemon, Video Games
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I’m actually a pretty busy person with my job, band, blog and socializing. A lot of the time I play Pokemon on the bus. This has led to some akward encounters. First, people look at you weird when you are a 35 year old woman playing Pokemon X on the bus. If only they knew the truth about the PokeDex of life. Secondly, people need to respect that I am holding something when I am sitting. Yes, I go between my 3DS and my phone. I’m a busy on the go woman. I have needs and I need to text people while leveling up my Pokemon. Recently something happened though I found amusing. I was on a sparsly filled bus and someone sent me a “Hi!”

I stopped and looked around the bus. No one appeared to be playing on a DS. The person tried to connect for trading a few times and a match by my DS connection kept failing. We never wound up connecting but I am left wondering who this person is on my aquaintance list. How far does the Wi Fi connect stretch? Could it been one of the houses we were passing by?

Seriously, I looked around the bus like a weirdo waiting for someone to smile or wave. Nope, everyone just had a look of tired workers on their way home.

If you know, please comment. I am really curious how the 3DS WiFi works.

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