Good Guys Always Ride Plastic Horses

Posted: January 10, 2014 by Noccie in Legos
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Kane went a little nuts… He bought me three sets from the Lone Ranger for Christmas. We have four Lone Ranger sets total though. We managed to get a poly bag set just before Christmas, before I knew what he had purchased me.


The three sets he bought me are the Stage Coach (79108), Constitution Train Chase (79111) and Cavalry Builder Set (79106). The first two are pretty big sets to put together. The train alone took me 3-4 hours. The Stage Coach took me about 2 hours. They have some interesting peices I would like to talk about at length later.

Here is the Poly bag set. The white and gray plates didn’t come with the set. I used that to attach it to our Lego Christmas tree.


The Minifigures are funny, each set came with Tonto. We keep joking about recreating the scene from Pirates of the Carribean, on the boat in the afterlife with Tonto.


I respect the train set immensly. Growing up my Brother was a train nut. He would build the models and go out to take photos of real trains. He went to the conventions too. Since he was going, my parents were going so I was dragged along as well. Good thing I thought it was all fun! The set makes an Engine, Coal Car, Flat Bed with a gun and box car. The set also came with a set of rocks and a water tower. I don’t have room on the able right now to set up the tracks, but it came with a ton of track too!

The engine for the train has a really cool build for the body. Here is what it looks like before you add the green curved plates.


I honestly haven’t seen the movie. All my friends say it’s truely horrible, which is sad because Johnny Depp was involved. The Lone Ranger was awesome during the black and white days. Where I grew up they showed the old serials on TV on Sunday.

Almost every section of the train has something that “explodes.” They set up sections with switches you can hit. Doors fly off, the water tower flys back and the rocks launch. The train wheels were actually really well set up with metal axels. The train cars have magnetic connectors that have a curiously strong magnet enclosed by plastic.

One funny thing, they use robot arms to make the bell on the train engine.

The Coal Car actually opens up and according to sources online, has enough room to house a real engine. You could really turn this into a running training. I’m very tempted to do just that.


The Stage Coach was a cool model but there were parts of the instructions that were confusing. I think the book was not quite right. The diagrams just weren’t proportioned quite right so I had a few issues constructing it. Altogther though, it was very educational. This was the first real vehicle I’ve built. Setting up the inside of the coach was fun, figuring out how to set up the frame so you can actually have characters ride inside. They have cool doors made for this kit as well.


They also have you build a safe, that you can open. They give you a silver bar to put inside the safe. If it’s attached to the vehicle though, you can’t open it. The door opens too wide and it hits the rails on the roof. Basically, you make a box and set it on a bottom part that looks like a boat hull. Where I had trouble was fitting the bottom part to the retangular frame of the actual stage coach. The pictures just didn’t make sense. Turns out I need to fit those dark red seat peices in wards one more space. Otherwise they sit to high and you can’t fit that to the actual body of the stage coach.



 Once I had it together, I was surprised by how good the model looks. The wheels also seem a little flimsy but are quite sturdy once they are attached to the steering frame. wpid-20131225_181953.jpg

I love all the components used in this set. It has a numver of rare peices, like the long curved parts that are used for the bottom of the stage coach. All of the parts used to attach the wheels, axels and the steering components are really useful in general builds. Kane is already eyeing some of the parts for his WWII trucks.

If you have a chance, pick up these kits before they are gone. The sets have already made “retired” status for Lego. That means stores will be trying to get rid of them but rarely do they mark down sets this big. Get them now! They still have decent prices on Amazon. Another reason you should get these sets are for the Civil War peices. Lego has rarely produced sets for Civil War period scenes. They are a great addition to anyone interested in making historical dioramas.

Those are my two scents. I love them. Looking forward to the other Lego sets we bought and gifted!

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