LEGO Mines of Moria

Posted: January 8, 2014 by Kane Blaireau in Kane, Legos
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The holidays brought a plethora of nerdy goodness. With the holiday spoils, we ordered a copy of the soon-to-be-discontinued Mines of Moria LEGO set. It looks good on the box, but rather small in scale for how expensive the set is.

LEGO Mines BoxBox art.

Have just put it together, I have to say the scale is MUCH bigger than it appears. It looks to be a bit over a foot long counting both pieces. The pieces are about 6 inches tall as well. The Cave Troll looks about twice the height of a minifig in the pictures, but in person, it is MASSIVE.

LEGO Mines 1Hobbit’s eye view.

You can see a few nice detail bits that are added as stickers on the bricks. They give it a nice touch without going too overboard. Their are some great little brick details as well leading to a nice overall look.

LEGO Mines 2The Fellowship vs. Moria Goblins…and friend!

You can kind of see the action features in this shot. The big door behind the Cave Troll opens and includes a long axe to bar the door with. The sarcophagus  top comes off with a skeleton “launcher” built into it. The pillars have levers that knock them over. The treasure chest slides out from below the walkway. Not all interesting, but enough good action features that it still ends on a high note.

Overall impression is that the set is WELL worth the asking price. The LotR and Hobbit sets have been consistently high quality and include interesting techniques that are new to me. Definitely recommend if you like the LotR LEGO sets!


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