Posted: January 2, 2014 by Noccie in Life in a Box
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I have a cold. Thankfully it hit after the holidays. I’ve spent way too many holiday’s sick in bed. It’s great because you have time to just sit and veg… but you don’t want to do anything. At least, I don’t. While being sick I have done a great many nerdy things.

One year I was horribly ill and it had made me somewhat incontinent. I had bronchitis so bad they thought I had pleurisy from coughing so much. Turned out to just be a pulled muscle. I spent so many nights sleeping in an upright position on the couch. I couldn’t do anything but read. I managed to read the entire Watchman comics over three days while running a fever. Sadly, I think I need to go back and re-read it. There were parts that stuck with me, but also parts that I still find a blur.

I tend to think of being sick as time to be productive at enjoying myself… usually I get nothing done that I want too. I usually wind up sleeping or cleaning. A strange affectation of illness for me but also helpful at times.

Tonight, I think I am going to turn the heat up, curl und a blanket and play Pokemon X till I pass out. It shouldn’t take long either. Playing Pokemon is pretty relaxing. I tend to be a grinder. I like to capture new Pokemon and build up my party. Luckily they made it easier in the new game. The share exp is pretty awesome now that it works on your whole party.

Stay warm and safe East Coasters! I know the snow is coming down. Maybe you need a Little Inferno Play Set?

Good night!

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