Kickstarter Reactor

Posted: December 30, 2013 by Kane Blaireau in Board games, Kane, Minatures

Hey folks! Not a whole lot to report on in the way of Kickstarter, but managed to dig up a couple that are worth a mention!

Mega Man the Board Game! A board game inspired by the Mega Man video game franchise. Since Capcom doesn’t seem to keen on giving us any more of those, this may just be the next best thing. This one is Going QUITE well already, so seems it will have some life for awhile.

3DForge Zombie Miniatures! What, more zombie miniatures? Yes. But, this time you can get zombies, survivors and TERRAIN! That last one is something that you don’t often see. Affordable “modern” style terrain is still pretty rare so for that reason alone I’m recommending this one. The minis themselves aren’t particularly covering any new ground, but look to be decent 3D sculpts. The higher tiers seem a good value.

Duel Fighters! Less than a week left on this one. Large scale miniature skirmish game and when I say skirmish, I mean one-on-one fighting. Looks to have some unique mechanics as well as offering terrain in a matching scale (often overlooked on odd-scale sets). Definitely on my short list! Highly recommend you go check them out.

As always, if you know of a project that is worth some extra attention, leave me a note below and I’ll be happy to take a look!

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