Christmas was good

Posted: December 27, 2013 by Noccie in Life in a Box
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Kane and I pretty much bought each other blog material for the next few weeks.

Christmas was wave after wave of geeky past times.

Kane bought me three different Lego sets from the Lone Ranger. I bought him a Lego Poly bag set from TMNT that I found at Target for nearly nothing.

Video games abounded. Our lovely friends from Montana sent us Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry 3 and Dead Island. I bought Kane, Dead Island Riptide; Guitar Smith; Rock of the Dead; Lego Batman 2 and Kung Fu Riders.

Kane had a failure in judgement right before Christmas and bought Skylanders Giants. “It was on clearance!” – Kane

This made me a little Skylander happy. I bought him 5 Skylanders as gifts and bought him more in passing. Omg… why?! WHY did you do this to me? I think I actually enjoy the figures more than he does.

Kane bought me “Explore the Dungeon because I don’t know!” for 3 DS and Pokemon X. I love him so much. All this means is I will spend hours trying to listen to him and play the game at the same time. You did this to yourself Kane… you did this to yourself.

Not to mention all the other crazy stuff we got each other AND the Steam Winter Sale going on right now. Wow… yeah.  More to come later.

Kane and I are heading to the Lego Store tonight to see what’s on sale. MWAAHAHA!

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