Kickstarter : Reactor

Posted: December 12, 2013 by Kane Blaireau in Interwebs, Kane

Time once again to tell you what I’m looking forward to on Kickstarter! Got one you think needs attention? Comment below.

Krosmaster Arena Frigost. The first expansion for Krosmaster Arena in the USA. Anime inspired miniature combat in the world of video games Dofus and Wakfu. Core game is a lot of fun and this one looks to be adding some great new features and bringing us a slew of new models as well. If you like board games or miniature games, highly recommend! Already way past funded with only a couple days left.

Duel Fighters. A large scale miniature game featuring starter packs of one-on-one combat! It promises more depth than your typical miniature game since it will be only a few models on the field. Not to mention, they have the option to get pre-painted models at no extra cost if you just want to play or more customizeable models if you want to make something that is unique to you. Well past funded.

Games & Gears Battle Boards. Modular gaming surface with multiple options to cover your miniature gaming table. Nice detail and very reasonably priced. Definitely worth a look! Already funded.

HeroQuest 25th Anniversary. Unfortunately, this one is in limbo do to ongoing legal concerns. Keep your eyes open for its return as it looked PHENOMENAL.

That is it for the moment. If you have or know of a project we should be looking it, be sure to leave me a comment!

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