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There is a magical place where you can go to be with friends you’ve never met before. This magical place is called a convention. I’ve been to lots of conventions. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head. There is a sweet spot with conventions where they aren’t too big yet and aren’t in the first year stage. A balance is struck between panels, vendors and other activities in these sweet years. Geek Girl Con is in that sweet spot right now. I’m not saying it won’t get bigger and better. I do want more but this is definitely part of that sweet spot.

There were panels I wanted to watch and musical performances that I loved. The vendors room was an interesting mish-mash of crafts, arts, authors and organizations. There was a gaming floor for table top games and a few video games present. The special guest area was humble and calm. The special guests weren’t asking for money in exchange for their signature and photo. The cosplayers were friendly, proud and excited by about the other cosplayers. Everyone was really down to earth and approachable.

I personally had a few moments where I was brought to tears. Honestly, I’ve been rather emotional lately but when I met Karen Prell I couldn’t help myself. Karen Prell is the voice and puppeteer for Red Fraggle, of Fraggle Rock. So many happy child hood memories came back and my regret that Jim Henson was no longer walking on this earth came spilling out. I was utterly overwhelmed and teared up. There had been a short line with only 5 people in front of me. She was so thankful to be talked too and very sweet. I wish I had been able to make it to her panel.

I only made it to one panel. There were many but the first day we were there, I was lost in the wave of people, sights and sounds. The second day I couldn’t arrive early enough to hit the panels I really wanted due to poor logistics. Kane made it to several though, I am sure he can run down how the panels stand up.

There were all kinds of human beings present. There were older people, little children, Men, Women, gay, straight, Trans, little people and disabled people. I wish I had taken a picture of her but there was a really nice little person that was hanging out with a lady in a motorized chair. They were dressed as Hermoine and Luna Lovegood. I ran into the Sexy aka the Tardis. I loved her costume so much. There as a guy, very secure in his manhood dressed as a Hello Kitty version of Gears of War. There were tons of cos players of all kinds. There were lots of Doctors from all throughout the series. I saw a few tiny baby Doctors, daleks and tardis’. The costume contest was funny and impressive. A lot of the Cosplayers hung around after to talk to people and pose for photos.

The music was fantastic. Friday night they had a kick off party at Wayward Coffee House. Wayward Coffee House is a Firefly and Science Fiction themed coffee house. They have a Chai Tea Latte called the Muab’dib because of the spice. My favorite drink is their Green Tea Latte. I have had these all over Seattle and theirs is the best. They use matcha powder and make sure it’s pure with no additives. The Doubleclicks and Molly Lewis   (here is her facebook.) played at Wayward as a pre-convention party. The place was packed with about 150-200 people. If you don’t know the Doubleclicks, they are a band from Portland. They are sisters and incredibly funny. Aubrey plays the Cello and Angela plays the guitar and ukulele. They sing songs about D & D, velociraptors, Mr. Darcy and acceptance in the geek community. Molly Lewis plays the Ukulele, she’s from the Seattle area. Her songs are funny and irreverent. The songs go from break ups to Goldeneye 64. The whole crowd began to sing along with both bands. The big Concert on Saturday was Unwoman and Marion Call. If you haven’t heard of Unwoman, you should hunt down her music. Her music is played on electric cello. Electronic versions of classical instruments have become popular in the past 5-10 years but Unwoman has been playing since she was six and her first album came out in 2002. She briefly toured with Rasputina and has played at the last four SteamCon’s. Her music is soulful, lonely and haunting. Watching her perform was a trip because she has an electronic Cello. This means the body of the cello is missing in this case. You can see from the photo it’s just the head, neck and strings. I was floored because I am used to seeing photos of her with a standard wooden cello. I felt lucky to see her twice at the convention. If you doubt the geek relevancy of her act, just know her name Unwoman is a from “A Handmaid’s Tale,” by Margaret Atwood. A story of a post apocalyptic dystopian society where infertile women are called Unwoman. The headliner was Marion Call, a self published singer and songwriter. Marion Call is like a nerdy Ani Difranco. I only had a chance to see part of her performance though. She’s very talented and uses her body and non musical prompts in the composition of her music. It was fascinating to watch her perform. She would stomp on the stage and type on a type writer for different parts as accompanying rhythm/percussion. While, I am not too into her music, she is an INCREDIBLE musician. She’s also adorable because she was really excited that she is traveling to see CERN again. I appreciate that passion for science.

One of the really unique things about the music at Geek Girl Con were the secondary concerts they had. In the atrium area of the convention center, all the musical guests that performed and some other musicians that had traveled to the convention performed. It made the entire event magical because you were surrounded by music as you went from the doors to the third floor. The openness and accessibility of the music made the convention feel that much more intimate. They didn’t have a microphone and but Unwoman did have a little travel amp she uses. Most of the music was acoustic, except Unwoman of coarse. Everyone was so respectful and quiet. People were sitting on the floor once the couches and foot stools filled up. There were people watching from the second and third floors as well as people traveling on the escalators. This was a great chance for people who couldn’t make it to the concerts to enjoy the musical guests and for other musicians to get introduced to the crowd.

Did I mention that the special guests felt comfortable to just walk around freely at the convention? Denise Crosby was there as a special guest. I about died when I saw her sitting at a table with no line! Denise Crosby played officer Tasha Yar on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Even though she was only on the show for a short time, her character had real meaning and impact. I still feel for Data, having lost the only woman he ever loved. Back to the convention though. I saw her just walking around enjoying the place several times. I kept making Pokemon style jokes during the convention though, “Look, a Denise Crosby in the wild!” There aren’t many conventions where stars can go and feel like they aren’t going to get mobbed by crazed fans.

A very special feature of this convention was a science discovery zone! They had real scientists running an area for children to explore science! The experiments included simple things like making a raisin float in carbonated water and more complex experiments like detecting DNA. There craft activities like making a nature book and making home made goo. All of this was propelled by fun and a punch card. If you got six punches you could enter in a drawing for prizes both days. There were 10-12 activity stations, so it was easy to get six. Even though the area was really big, like 4-6 kids could be at each station, there were more people interested than could fit into the area at one time. This is so math! I hope next year they get a room for that activity area though, it was INSANE.

After everything was said and done there was one more thing we had to do! The Ladies of the 80’s sing along was right before the closing ceremony. Everyone made their way to the largest room at the convention. There were two screens on either side and hilarious videos were projected with subtitles. They played Madonna’s “Borderline”; Cyndi Lauper’s “Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun”; Janet Jackson’s “Nasty Boys”; Debbie Gibson’s “Only In My Dreams”; and Olivia Newton John’s “Physical.” The host also played one of my favorite nonsensical videos, “Love is a Battlefield.” There is sexy dance fighting and 1980’s post apocalyptic clothing. Nothing makes any sense any more! WE ARE YOUNG! Heartache to Heartache we stand! Love is a battlefield. Sure… sure it is. Whatever makes you feel better in the morning. ( I love this song on Rock Band and dance along like in the video. No, I’m not going to post a video of that) The best and last video played was “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” by Bonnie Tyler. The video for Total Eclipse is like the brain child of someone on drugs. The video includes ninjas, laser eyes and ballet dancing barbarians. There is no rhyme or reason to the video. Everyone had a good time, it took a few songs but everyone really got into it. There was a dance party in front of one of the screens where most of the kids wound up. The host was also adding little funny comments throughout the event. This was a great way to end the weekend.

The closing ceremony was short and sweet. They thanked everyone who had come together to make the convention so wonderful. Then the Doubleclicks played, “Nothing to Prove.” I couldn’t help myself, I teared up again. The whole room was singing along with the song. Above is a link to the video.

YAY GEEK GIRL CON 2013! I signed up to volunteer for 2014. See you there!

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