Kickstarter and KickTraq

Posted: October 25, 2013 by Kane Blaireau in Life in a Box

The Kickstarter for Bones II ( is ending soon. I’ve been tracking it off and on since it launched. A couple weeks ago, I checked KickTraq for where it was trending. It was telling me $10 million. Its currently at just under $2.5 million. How did this happen? Well, Kickstarters like this often get a massive influx at the beginning and another in the last 24 to 48 hours. KickTraq doesn’t seem to take this into account as well as it should. They even offer “Day1” tracking for some companies who have had succesful Kickstarters. I’ve been watching both this one and a second with that option and neither of them got anywhere NEAR where the projections have said.

The other I have been watching is Chibi Asian Adventures ( This offered Day1 tracking as well. For the few first days, it looked as though it was going to blow past their first Chibi Adventures Kickstarter. Right now, it has bounced back and forth to the first StretchGoal a few times. It is funded, but not nearly to the extent that KickTraq would make you think.

So, KickTraq is…not reliable. For now. They are trying to project success by previous success, but as this whole thing is new, their are bugs. Its a nice idea, but I wouldn’t hang your hopes on KickTraq just yet. One day, it will be a very useful tool! Right now, approach with caution.


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